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New textbook: A Critical Introduction to Sport Psychology (Moran & Toner, 2017)

Tue, 21 March 17 14:24

Aidan Moran (School of Psychology, UCD) and John Toner (Univ of Hull) have published a new textbook entitled A Critical Introduction to Sport Psychology (3rd ed., 484 pages: Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2017). This is the only textbook in the field that combines a detailed analysis of theories, methods and findings in sport psychology with a critical perspective that evaluates and challenges these core foundations. Fully revised and updated, the book features new topics such as emotions and coping, the “quiet eye” phenomenon, pupillometry, the neural substrates of motor imagery and embodiment theory. In addition, it includes critical thinking exercises, suggestions for student projects and “in the spotlight” boxes that highlight key advances in theory or practice. Further details are available from