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Video- Would you share your mental health stories online

Fri, 27 April 18 12:07

Video of a UCD Youth Mental Health Lab panel discussion on the topic "Would you share your mental health stories online"

The interaction between the Social Media technologies we use and the stories we tell about ourselves, opens up a powerful discussion about youth mental health in the YMHlab UCD.

The panel for the event includes Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Dr Colman Noctor who is the author of 'Cop On', a parenting book for the technological age and has a keen interest in the effects of media on mental health

Dr Cliódhna O'Connor is an Assistant Professor @UCDPsychology Her research investigates how people engage with scientific information and the implications this has for social attitudes, self-concept and common-sense beliefs

We were also joined by Rosemary MacCabe who is a blogger, journalist and TV panelist. Rosemary has been involved in raising mental health awareness through social media.