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Neuropsychology Lab launches new website

Thu, 3 May 18 10:16

The Neuropsychology Lab is an active research lab which asks diverse questions related to a number of neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions including epilepsy, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, sickle cell disease and other neurodevelopmental conditions. We also conduct research with typically developing children and adults to further our knowledge of n

eurological conditions. You can now follow all the activities of the School of Psychology's Neuropscyhology Lab, thanks to their new website. The website provides information on all of the members of the lab, as well as how to get involved in any of their ongoing experiments. There is even a blog where you can keep up to date on the latest developments in all things neuropsychology!

You can find the website here:

While you're at it, why not follow the lab's Facebook page: and Twitter page: