Bachelor of Commerce International

Yes. Travel abroad to the country of the language you are studying is mandatory for the third year of the course. Students are taught in the host country language (except students going to China who are taught in English). 

Apart from French (for which you need a minimum H4 or equivalent) subjects will be taught from a beginner’s level.

Yes, you can choose a combination of two languages (apart from French and it is not possible to take Beginners German and Beginners Spanish together) from beginner’s level but we strongly advise that students think carefully about this. You may find studying two languages from a beginner’s level quite difficult and time-consuming.

All students are liable for relevant UCD registration/tuition/student levy fees (and full fees if reintroduced).  Students do not pay tuition fees abroad.  Some EU partners do charge for language courses (pre-semester or in-semester).  Some partners also charge a registration fee but this generally incorporates a travel ticket for the local area (mainly German partners)

Students studying in Europe are generally entitled to an EU-funded ERASMUS grant, which should not affect any other Irish grant the student may be entitled to.

The cost of a year abroad in general equates to the cost of keeping a student in Dublin – this of course also depends on one’s life style; part-time work etc.

There is no internship programme available on the BComm International but in conjunction with our Careers Development Centre we will keep you updated with job opportunities throughout term, throughout summer breaks and for when you graduate.

It may be possible to pursue a career in teaching, but you should consult directly with the Teaching Council of Ireland’s website www.teachingcouncil.ie for the list of modules you must take within the course to satisfy their requirements.  You should also seek guidance on entrance to this programme from both the relevant Language area and your Programme Manager.  Professional Body requirements are revised regularly.  Sometimes due to timetabling clashes and/or capacity, it may not be possible to take the additional Literature Modules required by the Teaching Council.

Every year UCD awards a range of scholarships to students. Some are based on academic achievement. Others acknowledge sporting and artistic talent or are specifically used to encourage students who may not otherwise attend university.

If you believe you have the potential to gain one of these scholarships:

Ad Astra Academic – if you achieve 6A1s in your LC you will automatically become and Ad Astra Scholar and will be notified with your CAO offer

Ad Astra Sports – you must apply before 31st January through Ad Astra Website. If successful you will be asked for an interview and your scholarship will be applied on achieving specific grades for your course.

Ad Astra Performing Arts - you must apply before 31st January through Ad Astra Website*. If successful you will be asked for an interview and performance and your scholarship will be applied on achieving specific grades for your course.

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