Student Internships

UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business Internship Programme provides students with an opportunity to put theory and skills learned in the classroom into practice during their degree.

An internship offers students the chance to gain a whole host of skills which will support future job applications. They will also have the chance to sample a certain type of job which may have a bearing on future career paths.

A range of participating employers and relevant job descriptions will be made available to students in January of their penultimate year of study. Students who successfully apply to take the programme will be advised of this by April and will normally commence their internship the following September (start dates may vary depending on the company). Placement on the internship is competitive and only the highest performing students are accepted.

We have partnered with a range of companies from multinational professional services firms to local enterprises, to offer internships across a range of business disciplines. Our partners have recognised the high calibre of students coming from the School and increasingly consider internship opportunities as a fundamental part of their graduate recruitment strategy.

  • Enhances your CV
  • Supports career decision-making
  • Develops new skills
  • Enables you to build your network
  • Enhances employment prospects
  • Develops an awareness of workplace culture

The internship is an optional programme which is open to penultimate year students on the Bachelor of Commerce and BSc Economics and Finance degree programmes. Successful candidates remain registered to their programme during the internship and by choosing this opportunity, increase the duration of their degree to four years. The internship is credit based and is therefore assessed by UCD.

Recognizing the importance of broadening the range of opportunities available to students and the benefit of engaging with our community, the Quinn School recently launched two internship scholarship opportunities.

The Business and Society Internship Scholarship financially supports a student to complete their internship in the voluntary sector while the Quinn Enterprise Internship Scholarship supports an entrepreneurial student interested in completing their internship in the start-up sector.

Cormac Spain, SIG

I had a very beneficial internship year working at Susquehanna International Group (SIG). I received great insight into the financial world within which I wish to start my career once I graduate. On my return to final year I find the subjects that I am studying far easier to understand as I have seen many of the theoretical notions studied at UCD applied in the business world.
A key aspect of my development over the duration of the internship was the responsibility that I was given. Having authority over my own small area within the firm improved my confidence immensely and I became far more independent as a result. Other skills I cultivated were a robust work ethic, an excellent time management system and a rigorous decision-making process. That is without mentioning the many technical skills I learned while using different software packages on a daily basis.
I met an incredible group of people in the workplace with whom I will remain in contact for many years to come. There was much fun to be had too. I completed a charity fun run with SIG and played on the company’s tag rugby team.
Without a doubt I would recommend the internship year to all at UCD Quinn School. It helped me to develop as a person and has opened up many career paths which I had never previously considered.

"UCD provides students with the unique opportunity to intern at some of the most recognisable names in global commerce. Without a doubt, the ten months I spent with the Skype finance team was one of the most beneficial periods of learning and development I have undergone, one which I would highly recommend to anybody interested in expanding their knowledge, their network or their experience. Over the course of the internship, I was given the chance to work with various teams on a wide range of projects, which exposed me to many aspects of the business I had never seen before. The level of responsibility I was given also meant that I was able to lead several of my own initiatives. This end-to-end exposure enabled me to see what a career in other business areas would entail, which in turn created a much more in-depth understanding of how my role fits into an international company such as Skype.

The skills I developed have been invaluable back in college, with improved teamwork, leadership and time management abilities. The programme was hugely beneficial in bridging the gap between academic understanding and the work I’ll be doing in the future. Overall it has pushed me become more experienced, more focused, more skilled and generally more employable. I honestly cannot recommend this internship programme enough"

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