Over 1850 students share the Quinn building. It is a professional, business orientated learning environment. But it is also a friendly, safe and welcoming community of like-minded students who find a home within the UCD campus to where they belong.

Our students become part of the small Quinn Community, while taking advantage of all there is to enjoy about life in UCD. The UCD Quinn School is located on a vibrant and bustling campus offering you a variety of opportunities to extend your learning experience beyond the classroom. It provides the perfect setting to combine all elements of an active and fulfilling university life.

The UCD Quinn School learning environment is progressive, challenging and engaging. Our role is not to teach, but to facilitate learning with students. This happens in our building, our classrooms and in our shared methodology of learning.

The start of the 2019/2020 academic year will see the launch of the UCD Moore Centre for Business—a new world-class facility energising the Belfield campus with the latest teaching technologies and innovative working spaces for business learning.

Integrating fully with the UCD Quinn School across all three levels, this exciting new wing delivers agile spaces to meet evolving business needs in a flexible learning environment that will expand the student experience. The new space increases our capacity to embrace our four core pillars.  Learn More.

Just inside the School entrance is the Contemplative Space. A beautiful area, with award winning contemporary art, this space is an ideal area for students to take time out from their studies or just a moment to themselves.

The Coffee House within the Quinn School is one of 15 outlets rights across UCD serving food, beverages and light snacks for students. But it is the only one which serves Starbucks!

Learn more about UCD Quinn School

Learn more about UCD Quinn School

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