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William Marxer, Indiana University, Pax Financial Intern

Pax Financial Planning is the perfect firm for those seeking an engaging experience within a dynamic, fast-paced work environment. The sales team, support staff, and executives are welcoming, professional, and genuinely invested in providing a challenging yet rewarding internship. Interns are trusted with an astounding level of access to information and company meetings, enabling students to weigh in on issues concerning strategy, sales procedure, etc. Menial tasks are not delegated to interns. Pax instead rewards students with responsibility and stimulating work, ensuring interns leave Ireland knowing how to do more than simply staple client materials or send a fax. Outside the office, Pax goes above and beyond to introduce interns to Irish culture. Golf, seaside visits, regular restaurant trips, and nights in Dublin with Pax coworkers were among the highlights of my time abroad. I could not more highly recommend Pax Financial Planning as a stellar company for international students considering an internship experience in Ireland.

William Marxer, Indiana University

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