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Working Papers

Crisis in the Irish Banking System
Blanaid J. Clarke & Niamh Hardiman

Extending and Contracting Jurisdictions in a Transnational Private Regulatory Regime: Efficiency, Legitimacy, ISDA and the OTC Derivatives Markets
John Biggins and Colin Scott

Postcards from the Economic Abyss: What Ireland and Iceland Can Teach Us About Tea Parties, Big Societies and Small Government
Eoin Carolan

Directors’ Duties During an Offer Period – Lessons from the Cadbury PLC Takeover
Blanaid J. Clarke

European Economic Crisis: Ireland in Comparative Perspective
Niamh Hardiman and Sebastian Dellepiane

Regulation in Ireland: History, Structure, Style and Reform
Ciara Brown and Colin Scott

Regulatory Capacity and Networked Governance
Ciara Brown and Colin Scott

Bringing Domestic Institutions Back into Understanding Ireland’s Economic Crisis
Niamh Hardiman

When, where and how does de-agencification occur? Exploring agency termination
Muiris MacCarthaigh

Managing state-owned enterprises in an age of crisis
Muiris MacCarthaigh and Blanaid Clarke

Economic Crisis and Public Sector Reform: Lessons from Ireland (Feb 2010)
Niamh Hardiman

Regulatory Governance and the Challenge of Constitutionalism (Feb 2010)
Colin Scott

International Human Rights Law and Constitutional Rights: In Favour of Synergy (Apr 2010)
Fiona De Londras

Regulating in Global Regimes (Apr 2010)
Colin Scott

A ‘New Politics’ Without the Seanad: Concerns from a Human Rights Perspective (June 2010)
Fiona De Londras

Elections, Policy Preferences and International Financial Market Constraints (June 2010)
Thomas Sattler

Reinforcing the Market for Corporate Control
Blanaid J. Clarke

The Irish Corporate Governance System
Theodore G. Lynn and Blanaid J. Clarke