If your offer has been made based on scanned or copy documents you will be required to provide original documentation (generally this refers to academic transcripts only but other documents may be required depending on the course in question) as part of enrolment procedures. Your Trimester 2 (end of year) examination results will not be released if you have not fulfilled your document verification requirements.

Types of verification accepted*

  • Secure link from verification service provided by issuing institution
  • Verification via QCAS
  • Email verification from issuing institution
  • Pdf containing digital signature of issuing institution

(*see detailed information below)

What do I need to provide?

[Note: UCD Michael Smurfit School entrants please see separate instructions below)

Secure link from verification service provided by issuing institution

  1. For any third level attendance, the original academic transcripts, specifying the subjects studied and the grades attained, from the issuing educational institution/ awarding body, preferably in the form of a secure link to an online verification system provided by that institution/awarding body. This can be sent using the Student Desk Connector http://www.ucd.ie/students/studentdesk/contact.html

Please note that electronic verification by the institution/awarding body, rather than actual hard copy documents, is the preferred method.

  1. NB You do not need to provide documents for any qualifications taken in UCD as these can be verified internally.
  2. Entrants whose first language is not English should also provide proof of English language proficiency.
  3. Any documentation not in English should be accompanied by an official English translation.
  4. Other original documents may be required (e.g. school-leaving results for transfer applicants or original references)

Verification via QCAS

We also accept verifcation via QCAS. N.B. Please note that there is a cost involved in using this service which you will need to pay directly to QCAS if you choose this method.

Email verification from issuing institution

You can also arrange to have requested transcripts emailed directly from your education institution to our Document Verification Team. This email cannot be forwarded on from you the student. It needs to come to us directly from the other college/ university.  Go to http://www.ucd.ie/students/studentdesk/contact.html to begin the process. 

Part 1
1. The staff member should go to the Student Desk Connector
2. When asked "Which of the following are you" the staff member should choose "Education Institution submitting a student's transcript/reference letter"
3. The staff member enters their email address (which must be an official email address of their educational institution)
4. Hit "Submit"

Part 2
The staff member will then receive an email (to the email address that they provided) asking them to reply with your transcripts attached, along with the following information:

1. Your UCD Applicant ID/ UCD Student Number (if known, this is not required though)
2. Your first and last name
3. Name of your previous educational institution
4. Their own name

When the staff member follow this process, your transcript will be sent directly to our verification team.

Pdf containing digital signature of issuing institution

An uploaded soft copy pdf document may also be accepted provided that it contains the digital signature of the issuing institution. A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents. On a pdf of a transcript this will typically be displayed with a secure signature panel (shown as a blue banner across the top of the pdf).

Not allowed:
Uploaded soft-copies (unless a digital signature is included as explained above), certified hard-copies, Garda stamped copies, etc. are not acceptable in this regard.

Original degree parchments cannot be substituted for the transcript

Can I send hard copy documents?

Yes, if really necessary you can post them to

UCD Applications - Verification,
Tierney Building,
University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland;
Make sure you include your student number.

However, please note that students are requested not to post documentation for the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic and to either provide a secure link to an online verification service or to have the educational institution confirm the results directly (as outlined above).


Will I get my documents back?

Yes your documents can be returned to you as follows:

  • If you are from the Republic of Ireland and want to have your original documentation returned, you should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Documents posted by SAE are at your own risk 
  • If you are from outside the Republic of Ireland you should include a self-addressed envelope along with the appropriate reply coupon - Universal Postal Union coupons are available in most countries. Information about the cost of postage in Ireland is available from An Post.
  • If you don't send a self-addressed envelope your documents will be retained in line with the UCD Applications Records Management Policy: Collection of documents after verification is not available at present - if you need your documents returned urgently please contact Admissions to arrange this. 

I don't want to post my documents - can I bring them in?

A student or applicant who needs to drop their documents in person should use the drop box facility . A drop box is avilable for documents in the foyer of the ground floor in the Tierney building on the Belfield Campus. Please ensure your documnets are in a sealed envelope and have your UCD student or application number written on it.  

Sending documents electronically (as outlined above) is the preferred and quickest method. 


What happens if I don't provide documents?

  • If you do not present your documentation for verification purposes you risk having your registration revoked.
  • Your Trimester 2 (end of year) examination results will not be released if you have not fulfilled your document verification requirements.
  • You will not be permitted to graduate if you have not fulfilled document verification requirements.
  • Documentation should be presented before registration.

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business carries out its own document verification procedures. Students who gained their previous degree qualification outside of UCD must present their full original academic transcript(s) in person or via email to the UCD Smurfit Admissions Team in the October following entry instead of to UCD Applications Students can present transcripts either
(a) in person to the UCD Smurfit Services Desk in Blackrock Campus or
(b) by email via a secure link from their previous institution / University confirming their undergraduate degree.
Further details are available on the UCD Smurfit School website  (see Transcripts section) or on the Programme Page of the Smurfit Incoming Student Portal.

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