Am I eligible?

You need to have all of the following:

  • All the subject entry requirements (External students please see external transfer page for details, including the points requirement)
  • Have passed at least 60 credits for each previous stage, including sufficient relevant credits for the programme, stage and trimester that you hope to enter (Internal applicants are required to have passed at least 50 credits for each stage for which they are seeking exemption, while meeting stage progression requirements in line with UCD regulations)
  • Have passed 20 credits for the first trimester of the stage applied for, including sufficient relevant credits for the programme, stage and trimester that you hope to enter

Please note: external applicants can only be considered if their official results are received in time to commence the trimester, in accordance with the Admissions Policy

How many places are there?

The number of places is very small and is dependent on the numbers who have left during the stage. For many programmes there will be no available places.

How will I be assessed?

Usually there are more applicants than available places. Admission is competitive and there is no guarantee that any application will be successful.

If your application is eligible, it will be assessed primarily on the basis of the compatibility of your modules and overall academic performance in your third level studies. The assessment may also include your school-leaving results or other relevant criteria.

How do I apply?

Closing date for Spring trimester 2022/23: 

15 December 2022


  Open the list of courses with places available and use the link beside the appropriate course. Please note that not all courses will have places available to open to applications.

Applications will open on 15 November 2022 and close on 15 December 2022.

Incomplete applications will not be considered - your application, including application fee, must be submitted and complete by the closing date of 15 December 2022. Results outstanding at the time of application must be received by week 2 of the Spring trimester.

Please note: provisional results must be centrally issued by your HEI's Examinations Office. Any offer arising will be conditional on the basis of provisional results being ratified. If your final results will not be available by week 2 of the Spring trimester in UCD then your application cannot be considered.

If places remain in a course after assessment of applications received by the closing date, late applications may be accepted in a late window in early January (10 to 12 January 2023). The list of available places (linked above) will be updated on 10 January. If you are considering transfer before the normal closing date, don't postpone applying until this date as there may be no places available.


If you are considering applying for a transfer, please check the fees implications at

Some programmes will not normally consider applicants who have been unsuccessful in a similar programme - full details are on the restrictions page.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer. In line with the Admissions Policy, offers for taught programmes will not be made after the third week of a trimester. Deferral or Leave of Absence is not permissible for the trimester following acceptance of a transfer/re-admission offer.

In some cases, students may wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning in addition to that granted by the transfer process (see Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy).

All students must comply with the regulations of the University.

The above is summary information only. Full regulations are included in the Transfer Policy.