Verification of Student Documents

Information for Staff

As offers are usually made based on scanned or copy documents applicants are required to provide original documentation (generally this refers to academic transcripts only but other documents may be required depending on the course in question) before they are allowed to complete enrolment procedures - please see also Verification Information for Students

How does the process work?

  • When a student accepts a place, a record is created in Banner and a hold is put on this record pending verification and authentication of documents.
  • The student receives an email which provides information about verification and what they must do to comply.
  • On presentation of satisfactory documents to Admissions, the hold on the student record is released.

How do Admissions ensure documents are genuine?

The team in Admissions, involved in this have all received training in identification of fraudulent documents and have additional tools such as UV lights to detect signs of tampering. They are very experienced and familiar with a wide range of documents.

Can I validate the documents for my own applicants?

Yes, if you are satisfied that the documents you have seen are original, you can verify them. You must email Admissions with the student number(s) stating that you have seen the original documents concerned. Admissions will then release the hold.

What happens if the student doesn't provide documents?

  • Students who do not present documentation for verification purposes risk having their registration revoked.
  • The Trimester 2 (end of year) examination results will not be released for students who have not fulfilled their document verification requirements.
  • Any student who has not fulfilled document verification requirements will not be permitted to graduate.