Intern Examiners

All academic staff who hold permanent appointments or contract appointments of one year or longer are ex officio Intern Examiners.

Other contract or part-time staff whose contract is less than one year’s duration, who act as examiners shall be appointed annually by the Academic Council Committee on Examinations (ACCE), on the recommendation of the Head of School. 

Only faculty who are Lecturer/Assistant Professor (above and below the bar), approved tutors, demonstrators and all those whose claims have been approved by the ACCE are eligible to receive Intern Examiner payments (such as examination script corrections). Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers may not receive payment for Intern Examiner duties.

For all work done on or after 1 September 2021, all payments normally claimed on the post 2012 September rates are to be claimed using the pre 2012 September rates. Please see UCD HR Hourly Paid Information for FAQs.

Intern Examiner Rates