The invigilation application form for the Spring trimester will be available in early February 2022.


Examination invigilators (supervisors) are responsible for ensuring that the examinations are conducted in accordance with UCD procedures, ensuring that students comply with the Examination Regulations and for supporting students during examinations.



Examinations are held in three separate venues:

  • RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
  • Blackrock Exam Centre, Carysfort Avenue, Co.Dublin
  • Newman Centre, Belfield Campus, Dublin 4 (Alternate Exam Arrangements – Disability Support only)



The following restrictions apply to newly recruited invigilators (if they are to claim payment for work completed).

  1. They must be trained in the area of invigilation.
  2. Full-time UCD personnel are ineligible to invigilate unless their substantive post is research funded.
  3. Undergraduate students are ineligible to invigilate.
  4. Full-time UCD personnel are ineligible to invigilate unless their substantive post is research funded.
  5. Postgraduate students with exams in the current trimester are ineligible to invigilate.
  6. If the newly recruited invigilator is a member of UCD personnel, who have not invigilated in UCD in addition to their main post with UCD prior to July 2012 without a break in service, in line with direction from the Department of Education and Skills, no allowances or premium payments (this includes invigilation payments) of any kind may be paid to new beneficiaries, that is to full-time employees who have not previously been in receipt of an allowance or premium payment prior to July 2012. To be eligible, the invigilators role prior to July 2012 must also have been full-time.
  7. If an appointed invigilator is in receipt of a research grant, they must confirm with their Principal Investigator whether or not they are eligible to carry out additional paid work.
  8. Non-EEA Nationals must be in possession of a valid Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB-INIS) card or an Irish Residence Permit (IRP) that entitles them to work in Ireland for the entire exam period. This is a legal requirement. Applicants will be expected to upload a copy of this card/permission in order to receive payment.
  9. All invigilators must have a PPS number in order to be paid.


Further Information:

Further information can be found at Invigilator FAQs and in our Privacy Policy for Invigilators.

Contact Information:

For general queries email or phone 01 716 1389/1689

For AEADS (Alternate Exam Arrangements – Disability Support) invigilation queries email aeads@ucd.ieor phone 01 716 1421