The deadline for invigilation Applications for the Autumn Trimester (December) exam session has now passed. Prospective candidates will be a sent a link to indicate their full availability in the coming weeks.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Exam Invigilation may be found below.

Examination invigilators (supervisors) are responsible for ensuring that the examinations are conducted in accordance with UCD procedures, ensuring that students comply with the Examination Regulations and for supporting students during examinations.

PLEASE NOTE the following groups are NOT eligible to apply for invigilation:

* Undergraduate Students

* Full-time UCD employees

* Retired UCD staff

* Graduate students sitting exams this trimester


UCD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy & Privacy Policy
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Covid-19 Guidelines
Who is eligible to invigilate UCD examinations?
Who is not eligible to invigilate UCD examinations?
What other restrictions apply?
What is required to be an invigilator at UCD?
When is the closing date for returning application forms?
When is the next invigilation session?
Where do the exams take place?
What hours will I be expected to work?
When will I hear about my application?
Will there be any training provided for new invigilators?
I need to cancel invigilation sessions assigned to me what should I do?
What is AEADS invigilation?
What is required for AEADS invigilation?
What is the rate of pay for Invigilation work?
How will I be paid?
If I already work at UCD, but have not invigilated before, do I need to complete an hourly paid set up form?
I have invigilated at UCD before, do I need to complete an hourly paid set up form?
Where can more information on claiming as an hourly paid staff member be found?
Queries Regarding your Payslip / Revenue Forms