Programme Approval

You will find details on how to submit new programme proposal requests, make changes to existing programmes & request derogations.
There is also a list of PDARF forms below. PDARF refers to the Programme, Development, Approval & Review Framework process.

PDARF 16 Structure Change Proposals
For information on requesting changes to major structures (core/option modules associated with a major) outside of published Curriculum Management System (CMS) timelines, please visit the PDARF16 Structure Changes- Guidelines page for guidance.

PDARF14 Derogations
Academic Regulations

Exceptions from the Academic Regulations require UPB (University Programmes Board) approval as a derogation by submitting a PDARF14 form to
Derogations can be requested/ recorded at programme, major or module level and existing derogation details can be found via the Derogations reporting menu.


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