PDARF16 Structure Change Proposal Requests

Amending major structures (core/option modules associated with majors) after the start of the relevant intake term (September/January/May) or outside of Curriculum Management System (CMS) edit timelines will require Governing Board approval via a PDARF 16 Structure Change Proposal for submission to the Curriculum Team - curriculum@ucd.ie. For further clarification on the type of changes that require this PDARF form, please refer to the Structure Changes to Majors outside CMS Timelines document. It's important to note that the signature section of the form must be completed before the request can be actioned.

For more information on editing major structures and making changes to Vision/ Values Statements & Programme Outcomes, continuation or non-standard progression information, please refer to the Major Structures & Programme Edits section of our website.

Please note that amendments to modules (including trimester for delivery) cannot be requested via the PDARF16 Structure Change Proposal form. These changes must be requested and approved as an exemtion on the basis of exceptional circumstances. You can refer to the Module Exemption User Guide for more details & instructions.
Should you have any further queries regarding this process, please contact your College Liaison.