What is IAN?
It is often the students with the greatest need for support who are least likely to come forward and ask for it.

IAN is UCD’s new student engagement dashboard which makes it easy for staff in Programme and School areas to proactively identify students who may be struggling or potentially heading for difficulty so that timely, targeted and, most importantly, successful interventions and supports can be offered.

How can I access it?
IAN can be found in Infohub under the Students menu by selecting the Registration Information link and then the Student Engagement Analytics menu. It is available by Programme (Student Engagement by Programme), by School (Student Engagement by School) or users can view individual students (Engagement - Student Quick Search ).

How does it work?
IAN is a dashboard which compiles approximately 15,000 pieces of data per student into five simple flags which, when taken together, may be indicators that a student is in difficulty. It shows all students in a given programme/major and stage, which flags are raised for them and their total flags.

What flags are used?
There are currently five flags. These are:

  1. Engagement: This shows a student’s Blackboard activity relative to their peers. If a student’s Blackboard activity is less than 30% of their peer average, the flag is raised.
  2. Performance: This shows a student’s most recent GPA. If the student is failing (ie if their GPA is less than 2.0, the flag is raised)
  3. Extenuating Circumstances: This flag is raised if the student has submitted an Extenuating Circumstances application online
  4. Fee Compliance: This flag is raised if a student has not met their minimum payment for the term (ie if they have an ‘Active’ status)
  5. Workload: This shows a student’s total credits in the current year. If they are registered to more than the normal credits workload (normally 60 credits) for their Programme and stage, the flag is raised

How can I use it?
When IAN is accessed, it shows a list of all of the Programmes and Stages to which your Undergraduate students are registered. By clicking on the number in the Total field on the right-hand-side of the table, it will display a full listing of your students in that Programme and Stage. In this table each student’s details and their respective flags (a ‘1’ denotes a raised flag) appear, as well as their total count of flags.

By clicking on the student’s ID number, students’ UView profiles can be accessed which show information such as their Programme history, GPA’s, modules and grades. By clicking on the View Details link on the right hand side of the table, greater detail about their raised flags is displayed.

By clicking twice on the arrow symbol in the Total field, the table can be sorted descending by flag count. This will show the students which may be of the greatest concern (ie who have the highest flag count), enabling users to identify students who may need to be contacted and offered further help, support and targeted services.

Who should I contact with queries?
Please direct any queries to jeremy.britton@ucd.ie.