Principles of using Banner, InfoHub & SISWeb

The following principles must be strictly adhered to by all those who have access to the Banner Student System, InfoHub and other UCD IT Systems and reporting.

  • It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the UCD IT Services policies and procedures, especially the Acceptable Usage Policy and the Administrative Information Security Policy
  • Do not disclose your password to any other member of staff or individual; all staff members who need access, including temporary staff, should use their own login
  • Make sure screens displaying personal data, e.g. Banner SFAREGS, are not visible to any unauthorised persons and close down your applications or lock your work station when leaving your desk, even temporarily
  • Personal student data should only be disclosed to work colleagues where they have a legitimate interest in the data in order to fulfil administrative functions
  • The personal information of a student, including confirmation of attendance at the University or contact details, must not be disclosed to a third party, be they parent, potential employer, employer, professional body or sponsor etc without the consent of the individual concerned
  • Under no circumstances should a staff member ever register a student to their Programme of studies. Every student MUST fulfil this requirement themselves as part of Online Registration. When registering students accept the Terms and Conditions of becoming a student of the University
  • Information must not be disclosed to third parties without the express written permission of the student
  • If sending information (e.g. spreadsheets) on students to third parties, such as parts of the Government, these files must be encrypted
  • All UCD laptops must be encrypted so that they are secure if lost or stolen. For more information on having your laptop encrypted please visit the IT Services website