• Schools should regularly monitor the capacities of their modules
  • Capacity data is available through InfoView and the SISWeb
  • Administrative Services will change capacities as requested by the School

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Managing module places' mean?

This means dynamically monitoring student registrations to the module in relation to the Core/Option, General Elective, First Year Elective and International places available and amending as appropriate.

How do I change the places on my module?

If you contact Administrative Services with a request, we can increase the number of places available on the module or re-balance the Core/Option, General Elective, First Year Elective and International places for the module.

If, for example, a module has 50 Core/Option and 50 General Elective places, Core/Option places could be increased by either:

a) Increasing the overall capacity of the module from 100 to 120 places and increase the Core/Option places from 50 to 70


b) Maintaining the overall capacity of the module, but decreasing General Elective places by 20 and adding these to Core/Option places.

How do I contact Administrative Services?

To amend a module's capacity, please e-mail systems.data@ucd.ie citing 'CAPACITY' in the mail's title and listing the amended Overall, Core/Option, In- Programme, Elective and International places for the module in the body of the mail.

How will additional places be made available to students?

Where changes are made to a module with spare places, Administrative Services will make these changes on the spot. If, for example, a module only has 8 Elective places remaining and you wish to add another 10, this will be done on receipt of your request.

Where places are being added because there are none available, these will be made available to students at 3pm each day (Monday-Friday) during the main registration period. In the interests of openness and fairness, students will be able to check the web in advance of these releases to see which modules are to be included. The list of upcoming releases is available to students through the Module Places web page.

For example, if you wish to add 30 Core/Option places because there are no such places remaining, this module will be listed on the web and the places will be released at 3pm the next working day.

Where can I check my module places?

There are two sources of information that you can use:

  • InfoView Report: ASCM001 Module Capacity Management Report (A guide to using InfoView is available here.
  • The Module Timetable page in InfoHub accessed through the SISWeb.

This may also be accessed through the InfoHub link in UCD Connect, then selecting Students, Curriculum & Timetabling, Timetables, Module Timetabling Search.

What information is available on the InfoView Report?

This report may be run by School, by module or by Subject Code and Level By navigating through the tabs on the report, the following module details are available:

  • The modules in the School that are close to full capacity
  • The modules in the School that have reached full capacity
  • The capacity status of all modules in the School
  • The count of students who have registered to the module as a Core, Option, Repeat, In-Programme Elective or General Elective
  • A breakdown of places per offering/CRN

How should I use the InfoView Report?

You can use this report to

  • Check all the registration counts against relevant modules
  • Check the overall places
  • Check the places taken/available per offering/CRN

What information is available on the InfoHub Module Timetable Details page?

All the details of an individual module:

  • Core/Option, General Elective, First Year Elective and International places
  • Registrations for each module component
  • Room size, days and weeks etc.
  • The Majors/Programmes using the module

What is the Elective Allocation process?

This automated process will be run in early September and will randomly allocate students where demand exceeds the General Elective places for the module.

What impact will the Elective Allocation process have on Elective capacity?

Once this process is run, General Elective places will no longer be classed as provisional.

General Elective modules which are full, will no longer be available for student registration unless additional places are made available either by the School or by a student dropping an elective place on the module.