Communications Training for Researchers

Communicating difficult concepts in a sceptical world

We offer training that develops the connection between speaker and audience, enhancing meaningful two-way communication.

There is an urgent need to overcome communication barriers by communicating with warmth, humanity and integrity. It can be a struggle to balance research, teaching and project deliverables while maintaining motivation and job satisfaction in the research team. This suite of communication workshops addresses communication challenges at multiple levels and welcomes researchers to participate in a tested model that will develop your existing communication skills.

Why get involved?

Researchers, academics and professionals in Ireland are increasingly being encouraged to communicate their work to the wider public, for reasons that range from attracting talent to the knowledge economy to empowering democratic debate.  However, many researchers feel ill-equipped to communicate with non-experts and potential interdisciplinary stakeholders and collaborators.

About Us

C2C Academy is a collaboration of UCD Research, Tyndall National Institute and Dr Niamh Shaw, using theatre and improvisation tools to provide new communications training for professionals working in the academic and research fields. The training will help you communicate more effectively with multiple audiences, your partners and teams and people outside your field of expertise. The Alda Centre for Communicating Science has a strong record in pioneering this approach in America and we are delighted to bring their best practice and expertise to our programme.  C2C Academy is supported by Science Foundation Ireland.