Agri Food

The Agri-food and Agri-business sector is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry. It employs over 170,000 people and has an annual turnover of €26 billion. It is critical to Ireland’s economy and is the foundation of our culture and society.

The Irish food and drink sector had its sixth consecutive year of export growth in 2015 and has a target of 85% growth by 2025. UCD is leading a portfolio of research and development initiatives to support this ambition.

We are partnering with industry to create safe, sustainable, novel foods that promote human health. We are also working with industry to create ‘farms of the future’, where smart and precision agriculture practices will greatly increase production and reduce waste. With our expertise in veterinary medicine, we are helping the community to fight disease in livestock and to promote animal welfare.

In addition, we are working with the State policymakers to develop a Bioeconomy strategy for Ireland, where Ireland is uniquely positioned to exploit its natural resources (agri-food and marine residues) and convert them into valuable goods (chemicals, plastics, fuels and energy), supporting wealth creation in Ireland.

Key Areas of Research in UCD include:

Application Areas include: Personalised Nutrition; Healthy Ageing; Carbon Management; Carbon/Energy Recovery; Regulation and Standards; Animal Health and Fertility.