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Covid vaccine trials were a triumph – now we need a similar system for antibiotics

Dr Claas KirchhelleUCD School of History and Dr Rebecca Glover, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, examine what can be learned the from unprecedented coordination of covid vaccine clinical trials. Read more.


Covid-19: the first study to look at whether fake news actually changes people’s behaviour

Associate Professor Ciara Greene from UCD School of Psychology takes a look at the true impact of the wave of misinformation that sruged alongside Covid-19 in the early stages of the pandemic. Read more


Vaccine hoarding by West threatens global democracy

Seána Glennon, PhD candidate at UCD Sutherland School of Law and chief outreach officer at UCD Centre for Constitutional Studies, explores how autocratic regimes grow in soft power as they help vulnerable nations the West ignores. Read more.


To effectively neutralise coronavirus, we must fight it at a local level 
Post Doctoral Research Fellow at UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, Dr Mark Roe writes that in order to beat Covid, testing, tracing and isolation support at community level is required. Read more.


Parent Voices: Edu-Parenting during Covid-19
Dr Deirdre McGillicuddy from UCD School of Education joins fellow home-schooling mothers to give the perspective of a primary-school parent, in Ireland's Education Yearbook 2020. Read more.


Covid-19 delivers valuable lessons on how science operates

Dr Shane Bergin from UCD School of Education writes that we should consider how science is funded, debated and taught if we are to capitalise on a reconceptualised view of it following Covid-19. Read more.


Recreating climate of trust in experts essential for beating Covid-19

Professor Maria Baghramian, Head of UCD School of Philosophy and PERITIA - Public Trust in Expertise, and Dr Shane BerginUCD School of Education say mistrust created by socioeconomic and political complexities must be addressed. Read more


Lockdown becomes more tolerable when it's of our own choosing

Dr Lisa Foran from UCD School of Philosophy writes in the Sunday Independent about how we can approach thiking about what is the most rational and morally right thing for us to do ourselves at this juncture. Read more.   


Covid puts poor urban planning and unhealthy lifestyles in focus

Mark Roe is a post-doctoral researcher at the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science, and writes that dangerous contributory factors are making Covid more deadly. Read more


Op Ed: We need localised Covid-19 solutions – not lockdown

Professor Jack Lambert from UCD School of Medicine writes in The Irish Times that Ireland had an opportunity to safely open the country and secure our borders but instead has wasted time. Read more

Coping with Coronavirus: If You Want To Be Heard, Listen (Blog)

Prof Brendan Kelly, visiting Professor of Psychiatry at UCD School of Medicine, writes in Pschology Today about the importance of emotional awareness for good mental health and navigating a world turned upside down. Read more.


How to protect your mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic

Prof Brendan Kelly, visiting Professor of Psychiatry at UCD School of Medicine, writes in The Medical Independent on ways to cope with the psychological strain of these extraordinary times. Read more.  


We need to know why Covid-19 affects minority groups more

Dr Arman Rahman, Translational Research and Engagement Manager in UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science, reflects on why black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are at greater risk of dying from the virus. Read more. 


We face a post Covid-19 tsunami of mental illness

Adjunct Professor at UCD School of Psychology, Dr Tony Bates anticipates many more cases of mental illness as a result of Covid-19 and says in The Irish Times recovery must restore the socioeconomic drivers of good mental health. Read more


How likely am I going to die from the Coronavirus?

Marko Bralic, student in the UCD Data Journalism CPD programme, in UCD School of Information and Communication Studies, looks at mortality versus infection rates in pandemic, in the UCD Data Journalism Studio. Read more.


We’ve lost control of the bedtime routine. How can we get back on track?

Dr John Sharry, an Adjunct Professor in UCD School of Psychology, advises parents on how tocalmly manage their children's routines back in place following the disruption of lockdown. Read more


The hidden patterns behind the Covid-19 map of Dublin

Marko Bralic, student in the UCD Data Journalism CPD programme, in UCD School of Information and Communication Studies, uses the data lens, in the UCD Data Journalism Studio. Read more.


Covid storm has raged but we've built up our defences

Dr Gerald Barry Assistant Professor of Virology at UCD School of Veterinary Medicine, writes in this op ed that Ireland will be ready for the second wave. Read more


How lockdown restrictions have changed life in Ireland

Claudia Dalby, student in the UCD Data Journalism CPD programme, in UCD School of Information and Communication Studies, looks at life under lockdown, in the UCD Data Journalism Studio. Read more.


Challenging Circumstances: we need international guidelines for human infection studies

Dr Claas Kirchhelle, based at the UCD Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, examines the ethics of controlled human infection studies, with fellow Oxford Martin Fellow Dr Samantha Vanderslott on Medium.com. Read more.


Working Under Pandemic in Ireland

Xiaomin Liu and Claudia Dalby, students in the UCD Data Journalism CPD programme, in UCD School of Information and Communication Studies, looks at changes to worklife thanks to Covid-19, in the UCD Data Journalism Studio. Read more.


Bayes’ Theorem: How Mathematicians Ruined Population Testing for Everyone

Professor Barry Smyth and Professor Padraig Cunningham from UCD School of Computer Science examine the hazards of false positives in mass population testing. Read more.


Time to pay essential workers properly?

Marko Bralic and Mary McCarthy, students in the UCD Data Journalism CPD programme, in UCD School of Information and Communication Studies, think it's time to put our money where our mouth is, in the UCD Data Journalism Studio. Read more.

Computer Science Research and the Covid -19 Pandemic

Dr Colm Ryan, Professor John MurphyAbeba Birhane, Dr Gavin McArdle, Associate Professor Michela Bertolotto, Dr Andrew Hines, Dr Anca Jurcut and Professor Barry Smyth from UCD School of Computer Science discuss the role of computer science in addressing the challenges of the pandemic. Read more.    


Digital Public Health Doesn’t Have to Compromise on Trust

Dr Marguerite Barry from UCD School of Information and Communication Studies tells Silicon Republic why human-centred design is essential for effective and trustworthy digital public health strategies, such as contact tracing. Read more.


UCD expert calls for Covid-19 safety incentives for businesses to help better protect workers

Professor Mark Pagell says Governments should incentivise companies to invest in Covid-19 safety measures, following research by Pagell and Professor Brian Fynes, Mary Parkinson and Michalis Louis of UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. Read more.


Pandemic Television

Professor Diane Negra from UCD School of English, Drama and Film writes on the UCD Clinton Institute's blog 'America Unfiltered' about the role of television in daily life during the pandemic. Read More.


Covid19 And Older People: A Shameful Time For Change

Dr Sarah Donnelly from UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, and Dr Marita O’Brien ask how lost lives can become a beacon for social change in how we provide care and support for older people? Read more


Youth Mental Health Advice in Covid-19 Lockdown

Dr John Sharry, an Adjunct Professor in UCD School of Psychology, advises parents on how to manage conflict among their children and how to support family realtionships during the lockdown. Read more


Covid-19 delivers valuable lessons on how science operates

Dr Shane Bergin from UCD School of Education op ed on how openness around scientific expertise can help build public trust in handling the Covid-19 crisis. Read more


Youth Mental Health Advice in Covid-19 Lockdown

Dr John Sharry, an Adjunct Professor in UCD School of Psychology, addresses the concerns and difficulties faced by a young people in the lockdown, in a response to one parent's letter to The Irish Times. Read more.  


BCG and Covid-19

Professor Stephen Gordon from UCD School of Veterinary Medicine looks at the history behind the vaccine raising hopes in the fight against Covid-19 and asks if those hopes are founded or wise. Read more.


Agri-food: A changing world

UCD Professor of Agriculture and Food Economics Michael Wallace from UCD School Agriculture and Food Science talks to Miriam Atkins in Irish Farmers Monthly about how Covid-19 is creating a new economic and trade landscape for Ireland's agri-food industry. Read more.


Study: COVID-19, How does it affect you?

A team of researchers at UCD College of Business is engaged in a European study about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s daily lives. Read more.


Antibiotic Resistance Could Lead to More Covid-19 Deaths

Dr Claas Kirchhelle, based at the UCD Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, writes for Scientific American with  Adam Roberts and Andrew C. Singer. Read more.


A New York Pandemic Diary

Full Professor of Anglo-Irish Literature And Drama Margaret Kelleher from UCD School of English, Drama and Film describes her time in New York as the crisis hit. Read more.


Data in the Time of Corona

Professor Barry Smyth from UCD School of Computer Science offers a series ‘A Data Analysis of the Novel Corona Virus and Covid-19 Pandemic’ on Medium.com. Read more.


A philosopher in Italian coronavirus lockdown on how to think positively about isolation

Dr Silvia Panizza from UCD School of Philosophy thinks about what the outbreak, and how we deal with it, can tell us about ourselves. Read more.


How to Understand Trust in Expertise in times of Covid-19 

Look out for Covid-19 related articles and scholarly publications from Horizon 2020 project consortium Policy, Expertise and Trust in Action (PEriTia). Read more.


Covid-19 CyberSecurity Impact: Increased Risk of Insider Threats?

Dr Anca Jurcut from UCD School of Computer Science and Guerrino Mazzarolo reflect on the increase in cyber crime during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more


Pandemic Fiction and Covid-19

Dr Ailise Bulfin from UCD School of English, Drama and Film explores fictional representations of pandemics and how people have accessed culture in the time of crisis. Read more


A Day in the Life: Covid-19 testing volunteer

PhD candidate and research assistant in the UCD Diabetes Complications Research Centre, Mariam Marai reveals her experience volunteering in the recently established Covid-19 testing laboratory in St Vincent’s University Hospital. Read more.


Infectious Diseases Research Landscape

Senior manager Liam Cleere, UCD Research and Innovation (Analytics and Impact), outlines the global trends and Irish research landscape. Read more.


Contagion, Biopolitics and Cultural Memory

Find blogs and podcasts from Contagion, Biopolitics and Cultural Memory, a project using large scale historical datasets to understand contemporary attitudes and improve public health outcomes, including contributions from Professor Gerardine Meaney on representation of contagious disease in the British Library Nineteenth Century Corpus. Read more


Initiative Ireland Launches Housing 2020 Report with Focus on Homelessness and Covid-19

NovaUCD-headquartered social impact finance firm Initiative Ireland publishes third annual housing report, entitled Housing 2020. Read More.


A Day in the Life: Covid-19 contact tracing volunteer

Professor of Nutrigenomics Helen Roche shares her experience in the Covid-19 contact tracing centre set up in UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. Read more.


Could Empty Offices Caused by Covid-19 Suit Introverts?

Dr Annette Clancy from UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy, who specialises in the study of workplace relations, talks to BBC's Russell Padmore about the differences between reserved and outgoing employees. Listen back.


Childbirth Can’t be Postponed: How Holles Street is coping

Associate Professor Emilie Pine from UCD School of English, Drama and Film, and current writer in residence at the National Maternity Hospital (NMH), writes about how new life goes on at NMH but with new Covid-19 rules and safety procedures. Read More.


Responses from Social Sciences to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Visit the website of UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life to see more articles from research members adding to public discussion around the Covid-19 health emergency. Read more.


Covid-19: Insights from history

Dr Claas Kirchhelle, from the UCD Centre for the History of Medicine in Ireland, co-authors a blog for Oxford with Mark Harrison and Sarah Whitebloom. Read more


Why we Should Follow the Rules

Professor Rowland Stout from UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life and UCD School of Philosophy makes a philosophical argument for Covid-19 solidarity in the face of lock-down restrictions. Read more.


No Signs of Lock-down Fatigue in Ireland...Yet

Prof Liam Delaney, Chair of Behavioural Economics at UCD School of Economics, co-authored op ed on the Irish population’s response to Covid-19 restrictions. Read more.


How Philosophy Can Help Our Mental Wellbeing

Dr Emma Farrell and Dr Áine Mahon from UCD School of Education discuss how philosophy can help society live well in the face of forces beyond our control. Read more.