Energy resources are vital to life on our planet and their use or misuse has global consequences. The need to make smarter use of fossil fuels and to harness more sustainable sources of energy is a pressing issue. 

At UCD we are working to find solutions to the energy challenges of the 21st century, in particular Smart Grids, Smart Cities, integration of renewable energy sources, as well as the traditional energy sources of oil and gas. Through our research programmes in energy, we work extensively with industry partners in developing the national grid, we look at the ability to integrate sustainable forms of energy, we analyse the economics of renewable energy and we seek to enable the policy framework to promote more efficient energy use.

Key Areas of Research in UCD include:

  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Cities
  • Intelligent Buildings and Systems
  • Renewables [Wind, Marine, Solar]
  • Fossil Energy [Oil, Gas]
  • Carbon Emission Reduction
  • Energy Economics and Policy

Application Areas include: Grid Integration; Smart Cities (Transport, Networks and Communications, Smart Cars, Smart Devices, Smart Homes); Energy Storage and Management; Impact of Natural Climate Variability and Implications for Renewables.