Ireland’s unique environment is under threat from climate change, industrialisation and intensive farming. Our ability to sustain our environment, to use our natural resources wisely and to manage waste is central to our society and economy, to our national strategy for sustainable energy and to our major industries, including agri-food, ICT, pharmaceutics and tourism.

Environmental research at UCD spans a range of Schools and Colleges, and is at the core of the UCD Earth Institute. The overarching mission of the UCD Earth Institute is to provide solutions to some of Ireland’s most urgent problems in the areas of sustainable living, natural resources, climate change, natural hazards, the built environment and nature conservation.

Central to research in this area are the following priorities:

  • Earth Resources Characterisation
  • Climate Adaptation, Mitigation and Geohazards
  • Smart Cities and Infrastructure

Key Areas of Research in UCD include:

  • Natural resources;
  • Climate change;
  • Sustainable living;
  • Natural hazards;
  • Built environment;
  • Nature conservation;
  • Emissions;
  • Biodiversity;
  • Sustainability;
  • Fault Analysis;
  • Marine
  • Petroleum Geology.

Application Areas include: GeoEnergy (Oil and Gas – De-risking Exploration, Fossil Fuels); Climate Change (Environmental, Economic, and Social); Urban Management and Policy.