News Archive 2017

UCD hosts Universitas 21

Monday, 03 April, 2017 

UCD recently welcomed colleagues from Universitas 21 (U21) to Dublin. U21 is a network of research-intensive Universities from around the world who collaborate in areas of common interest and application to their students, faculty, universities and higher education more widely. The group which gathered in UCD comprised representatives from the Research Engagement Cluster, which consists of the Research Leaders Group and the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies.

Pictured outside Ardmore House in UCD are participants from the U21 Research Engagement Cluster and Data Sharing Workshop

The meeting opened with a workshop for the Deans and Directors of Graduate studies on ‘The Future of the Doctorate’ and the next two days consisted of a joint cluster meeting, followed by separate meetings of each group, with the sessions opened by UCD’s Professor Bairbre Redmond, who is the current U21 Provost.

Following these sessions, the University of Maryland delivered two and a half days of training to researchers, research managers and administrators from UCD, other European U21 members and other Irish Universities on applying for National Institute of Health funding, and Uniform Guidance for Foreign Entities (both pre- and post-award). The workshops, delivered under the University’s BRAKE initiative, were a great example of knowledge sharing within the U21 network.

Running in parallel with the Research Engagement Cluster was a U21 Data Sharing Workshop, the first such event in the U21 network, which saw people responsible for data collection and analysis from the network gather to explore the benefits of data sharing among U21 members.