Final report to funder

Most funding agencies require a final report to be submitted at the end of a project, detailing the progress of the research project as a whole. The funding agencies usually provide details of the information that they require in their final project reports and often supply you with a template and/or reporting guideline. The final report generally comprises a technical/scholarly report and a financial/cost statement.

The final technical/scholarly report should provide:

  • A summary of all outputs achieved throughout the full duration of the award
  • A report on scientific/scholarly progress made over the project duration, both in scientific/scholarly terms and layman terms
  • Details of any deviations from the original work programme
  • Details of all refereed journal and conference publications and international presentations directly supported by the grant
  • Details of education and public engagement (EPE) activities performed during the full duration of the award
  • Details of knowledge transfer and commercialisation activities such as: invention disclosures filed; patents filed, granted or exploited; licensing agreements signed; ICT standards and spin out companies created
  • A short section on the relevance of the findings of your project to policy questions and/or legislation.

The financial/cost statement must be authorised by the Post-Award Research Accountant in the UCD Research Finance Office, prior to submission.

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The post-award unit of the Research Finance Office provides support relating to the authorising and submission of the final financial/cost statements.

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