Approve and submit proposal

Researchers applying for grant funding must follow specific procedures for collecting the required institutional signatures and submitting a proposal to a funding agency. It is important to check what is required for institutional submission at an early stage, to avoid last minute delays. When all requirements are met, the Research Programmes Team in UCD Research & Innovation will provide the institutional signature or complete the institutional submission using an online system. This will confirm that the university Research Office has reviewed the proposal, that it meets internal and agency requirements, and that all documents are ready for submission.

Regardless of the type of submission, all proposals are required to come through UCD Research & Innovation for budgetary and content approval a minimum of five working days in advance of the funding agency deadline, unless otherwise specified. This office cannot guarantee completion of online institutional endorsement unless the proposal is fully uploaded on the system, following review, a minimum of one working day in advance of the deadline.

There are different types of institutional approvals and submissions:

Hard copy signature Contact the Proposal Support Team via the UCD Research Connector to arrange, with a copy of full final proposal and evidence of budget approval   Minimum two working days in advance of deadline
Online system with institutional submission e.g. SFI SESAME, IRC, EPA, Breast cancer now, Wellcome Trust, etc. Final version uploaded on the system a minimum of one working day in advance of deadline.
Online system without institutional submission e.g. EC Participants Portal Notify the Research Programmes Team of these submissions

Responsibility for the submission of signed hard-copy proposals to funding agencies rests with the researcher.

UCD Research & Innovation records details of all research proposals submitted to external Funding Agencies, on the RMS database. Please send a soft copy of your final submitted proposal via the UCD Research Connector for recording on the database, as soon as possible after submission.