Research Profiles


Research Profiles (aka RMS Profiles) enables research and academic staff to maintain an up-to-date Researcher Profile to showcase their research expertise on external facing UCD websites.

The system is used to create Researcher Profile pages on UCD School and Institutional websites. The publically available profiles are used by academics, industry, and other organisations to identify potential collaborators for research projects, and by potential students to identify supervisors. Some features of the system include:

  • Automatic harvesting from Scopus, Orcid, Web of Science, arXiv, PubMed etc
  • Automatic updates from University systems including HR Core, Banner Student Information System, RMS Grants
  • Seamless integration with the Research Repository UCD - When uploading publications to RMS Profiles researchers can add the final draft version for upload to the Research Repository UCD. Step by step guide and Video on How to upload a paper in Research Repository UCD.
  • Feeds for researcher profiles on websites -

Updating Your Profile

  • Click here to login.
  • Enter your UCD Connect username and password.
  • When you first login to the system, you will then be brought to the homepage, where you can click on the Edit your Profile button to begin editing and updating your profile.

Publishing Your Profile

After reviewing the information in your profile, you can click the Public button at the top right-hand side of the page to mark your profile as public. After a couple of minutes your profile will be available at Your new URL is in the following format:<<email name without the>>.
Step by Step guide to make your profile public.


For further information, please check out the following documents (these are accessible by using your Connect username and password to log in to our secure intranet):  


Dr Dimitrios-Stavros Kapetanakis
Senior Project Manager

Dimitrios-Stavros is responsible for the information gathering, tendering and first phase implementation of a new IT based RMS Grants system.

T: 01 716 4048
E: Email Dimitrios-Stavros