Healthcare is evolving rapidly, driven by changes in population demographics, by discoveries in biomedical research and by emerging technologies. Healthcare research in connected health, diagnostics, drug development and medical devices is central to the competitiveness of Ireland’s life science industries.

At UCD, we are re-imagining the future of healthcare, one where patient stratification, new therapies, web-enabled technologies and home-deployed devices emerge from the symbiosis of technology and biology. Our health research at UCD spans systems biology, drug development, translational medicine and population health. UCD’s strategy is to drive drug discovery and testing from a systems level, where we advance our knowledge through computation modelling. This Precision Medicine approach is widely seen as the future of medicine allowing improved patient care and relieving overstretched healthcare systems by cutting substantial costs arising from ineffective treatments while decreasing adverse reactions and enhancing treatment outcomes for patients. Our research is supported by the health science campus (in Belfield) and the clinical research centres of the University hospital network, Ireland East Hospital Group.

Our programmes partner with industry, government and the voluntary sector. Together we are looking to tackle major challenges in healthcare, including cancer, skin disease, infectious diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, and healthcare in the elderly.

Key Areas of Research in UCD include

  • One Health
  • Personalised and Translational Medicine
  • Food and Health
  • Health Systems and Health Services Research
  • Early Childhood and Reproductive Health
  • Public Health and Health Promotion

Application Areas include: Cancer, Skin Disease, Infectious Diseases, Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease, Healthcare in the Elderly, Inflammatory Diseases, Social Networking.