UCD's leaders in Bioeconomy research apply fundamental sciences including chemical and bioprocess engineering, biochemistry, biomolecular and biomedical, and biological and environmental sciences, to reduce environmental impact, valorise waste and create new opportunities for traditional sectors.

Bio-based products are a pathway to enhanced societal and economic value from our natural resources

- Professor Kevin O’Connor

Research Units and Programmes

A capitals approach for a sustainable Bioeconomy

  • Amanda Mathieson, Andrew Neill, BiOrbic

Should a capitals approach be applied to the bioeconomy? BiOrbic's Amanda Mathieson considers one PhD student's discussion of how such an approach can help us comprehend the value of our natural assets and quantify our dependencies on them.

February 2017

International evolution of fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste management – A review

Journal of Environmental Management

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August 2018

Biodegradable Plastic Blends Create New Possibilities for End-of-Life Management of Plastics but They Are Not a Panacea for Plastic Pollution

Environmental Science and Technology

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November 2016

The Impact of Perceived Flood Exposure on Flood-Risk Perception: The Role of Distance

Risk Analysis

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October 2016

An assessment of model averaging to improve predictive power of portable vis-NIR and XRF for the determination of agronomic soil properties


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