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How to Apply


How to apply for HREC Review


  • Applications for ethical approval for COVID-19 related research must submit their applications for review via Infohub

  • Applications will be reviewed in the usual way and feedback sent to applicants;

  • Applicants are required to return changes and amendments to their applications within 24 hours of receipt of feedback;

  • Applications will be approved subject to head of school sign off, as is our usual procedure

  • Applicants can expect to receive confirmation fo approval within 24 hour of head of school sign off.

This is for emergency responses specifically to deal with the COVID-19 funding calls only. For all other standard submissions please see details below.

FACE-TO-FACE-INTERACTIONS: If you wish to carry out face-to-face interactions with participants it is mandatory to complete the Human Research Ethics Risk Assessment. Please see UCD Covid 19 Human Research Ethics Risk Assessment Template. This is a self assessment process, for research studies that fall into one of the very high risk categories. For more information please see


HREC Taught Masters/MSc Reviews:

If you are a postgraduate Masters/MSc student please check with you school if there is a school Taught Masters REC (TMREC).  If there is please submit to the school following their guidelines.

If there is no TMREC in you school please submit for both a full ethical review or a low risk exemption as above under 'HREC Reviews'

For step-by-step instructions please read our Guide to Submitting Ethical Application Online (pdf)

What documents are required to make a submission?


For a full HREC review:

  1. Download and complete the current HREC Application Form for full ethical review also available from UCD Infohub/SISWeb
  2. Download the MANDATORY HR2-HREC Support Documents Template 2020 also available from UCD Infohub/SISWeb this should include some or all of these: participant information leaflets, consent forms, interview questions, focus group topic guides, questionnaires etc. Submissions made without the supporting documents on the mandatory template will be returned to the applicant. Please note that the Committee will not consider applications without the relevant supporting documents.
  3. Upload these documents as part of you online submission via SISweb/Infohub - email submissions will not be accepted.
  4. Please ensure that you have discussed you submission with your supervisor and that they have provided an endorsement - either a pdf letter or an email sent directly to

For a Low Risk/Exemption from Full Review

If you are applying for a Low Risk/Exemption From Full Review please download and complete the Low Risk Exemption from Full Ethics Review form and where possible have your supervisor submit it by email to   Taught Masters applicants seeking low risk/exemptions should remember to check with their supervisor/school regarding a school level Taught Masters REC (TMREC). For more information see: here

If you wish to AMEND or EXTEND an already approved protocol, go here


  1. Note the deadline dates for submissions (full review only)
  2. Read the Guidelines


AREC Reviews:

  1. AREC forms and guidelines can be accessed via Infohub/sisweb, AREC Intranet
  2. See also: AREC Guidelines on Applications (pdf)