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UCD Office of Research Ethics

An Oifig Eitic Thaighde UCD

Research Ethics Committees

There are four Research Ethics Committees(RECs) in UCD, three of which are the sub-committees that conduct ethical reviews.  All ethical reviews are conducted using an internationally recognised Approvals System.

Research Ethics Committee (REC) oversees and advises on policy regarding the work carried out by the three main sub-committees as follows:

There are also three Undergraduate RECs (UREC) and twelve Taught Masters RECs (TMREC). These committees report directly to the relevant Human Research Ethics Committee:

  • School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice (TMREC-SPSWSJ)
  • School of Agriculture & Food Science (TMREC-AgFS)
  • School of Education (TMREC-SE)
  • School of Languages, Culture & Linguistics (TMREC-SCL)
  • School of Law (TMREC-Law)
  • School of Information & Communications Studies (TMREC-ICS)
  • School of History (TMREC-HIST)
  • School of Economic (TMREC-Econ)
  • School of Computer Science (TMREC=SCS)
  • School of Medicine (UTREC-SM) - both Undergraduate & Taught Masters
  • School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems (TMREC - SNMHS)
  • School of Psychology (UREC-SPsy)
  • School of Psychology (TMREC-SPsy)
  • School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science (UREC-SPHPSS)

For more details on the organisational structure of the Committees please see detailed Organisational Structure.