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UCD Office of Research Ethics

An Oifig Eitic Thaighde UCD

Policies & Guidelines

Policies & Guidelines of UCD  Research Ethics Committee:


Code of Good Practice in Research with Humans and Animals (2019)

Research Ethics Policy (2018)

REC Operating Procedures

Policy on the Use of Animals for Research & Teaching

HREC Guideline on Expenses and Incentives

REC Appeals Procedure Policy 

Appealing a Decision Guideline  

Guidelines specifically relating to Human Research:

Please note that many of the HREC Guidelines are under currently under review

HREC Summary Guidelines currently under revision

Process of Seeking Informed Consent with examples  - currently under revision

Harm Risk Deception Privacy and Confidentiality currently under revision

Vulnerable Groups currently under revision

Process of seeking Ethics Approval for Research -  currently under revision - please contact office for further information if required

Requests to Amend & Extend Policy 

Research with Student Population Vulnerable Groups

Research with Students Who Are Minor    Vulnerable Groups

Disclosures of Confidential Information Vulnerable Groups

REC Access to UCD Students Policy‌  Vulnerable Groups

Data Storage & Retention   - currently under revision

HREC Guideline - Personal Data Definitions & Examples

HREC Guideline - Representing Gender Diversity in Human Research

HREC Guideline - Use of Online Platforms

Research Data Management (UCD IT Services)

Home Visit/Face-to-Face Interviews Safety Guidelines (UCD SIRC Office document)

Fake News - Evaluating Information Guide (UCD Library guide)

UCD GDPR and Data Protection Policy [}


Guidelines specifically relating to Animal Research:

Please visit AREC Intranet

For further information on any of the above please email: