Amend Your Booking

Amendments may possibly be made to your booking once you have checked into your room. 

Current residents can cancel, transfer or extend their booking to include third semester accommodation. Please consult all relevant policies and procedures before requesting amendments.



Please see the full cancellation policy here in our policies and procedures section.

An official cancellation must be made using the cancellation form (cancellations by phone will not be accepted). The completed cancellation form must be sent by email (to by a UCD connect email account or handed into the Accommodation Booking and Support office.


Completed cancellation forms should only be submitted once the room has been fully vacated and all belongings removed. Acceptance of a fully completed cancellation form by UCD Residences staff puts a process in place to turn the room around for rebooking.  

Please note that any unremoved items in the room will be disposed and the disposal of same may incur a charge on the residents account.

Room Transfers

Residents may request a room transfer at specific times of the year. A transfer list usually opens in late September for August arrivals or early February for January arrivals.

To put your name on the transfer list please fill out the following form:

 Residents need to visit the Accommodation Booking and Support office, located next to the Merville Reception to enquire about further information on their transfer. Transfers cannot be guaranteed.

How does the transfer process work?

Room transfers must be a direct swap between two residents. In some cases this may be a swap within your current Residence or it may be a transfer from one Residence complex to another, for example a transfer from Merville to Glenomena.

All residents will be asked to provide some background context on why they are requesting a transfer and if they have any specific transfer requests for example a request to remain in the same residence complex.

Once your name has been added to the list the Accommodation Booking and Support team will attempt to source the best match for your request. This process is not immediate, it may take a number of weeks to organise and transfers cannot be guaranteed.


Room transfers (subject to availability) will incur an administrative charge of €100 during September and €50 throughout the rest of the year



Residents who have booked a room for the academic year (two semester) may be eligible to request an extension of their stay for a third semester (remainder of the Academic year). For 2019/2020 semester three will run from 18 May 2020 to 7 August 2020. 

The Residential Fee for the entire semester will be due on or before commencement of the licence period (i.e 18th May 2020).

Rooms become available subject to cancellations. Eligible students must be undertaking an accredited module during the summer term for example an internship or thesis.

Requests will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in extending your stay please fill out the following form and the booking office will contact you at a later date.