CAO Student's Guide to UCD Residences


 To help with the list of questions you may have regarding the process of obtaining accommodation in UCD Residences for CAO Applicants, we have put together a short guide for which will hopefully help. 

If your query isn't answered in this section, or if you have any other queries at all, please let us know at and we will do our best to help you. 


Please see our quick guide on how to join the CAO Waitlist here, or please see below for more information on more areas of UCD Residences.

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 The CAO Waitlist for 2021/2022  will open on Tuesday, 13th  of April 21 (13/04/2021). Now Open.


Opens - Tuesday - 13th-April -21.

Randomization - Thursday - 8th-July - 21.

Click here for instructions on how to add your name to the CAO Student Waitlist for 2021/22.

Click Here to Join

In order to give all prospective students of UCD a fair and equal chance of getting accommodation on-campus, we employ a randomised waitlist system. In order for a student to be able to apply for the CAO Waitlist, they must:

  • Be going into their first year of study in UCD,
  • Have a UCD course on their CAO Application
  • Monitor the email that was used to register with the CAO regularly.

When the waitlist is open any prospective student with a UCD course on their completed CAO application can sign up for the waitlist by visiting this link. This link directs prospective students to the UCD SISWeb login page. 

SISWeb is the UCD Student Information Portal, and an account is set up for all prospective CAO students to allow them to sign up for the waitlist.

IMPORTANT - The UCD accommodation waitlist is free to join.


To log into their account, students should: 

  1. Use their 8-digit CAO number as for User ID/login. *or UCD student number if student previously applied to UCD.
  2. Use their 6 digit date of birth in DDMMYY format as the password. *If student changes password and subsequently forgets it they will need to reset password by email :
  3. After successfully logging in will see a button to apply for accommodation waitlist from August 2021 to May 2022, and after clicking apply, will be prompted to join the waitlist.
  • If you are unable to sign into the  SISWeb account to apply for the waitlist despite definitely including UCD in your CAO application form, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the SISweb screen and get in touch with the Student Desk Connector for assistance.
  • The waitlist will remain open until mid-July (exact date TBC, keep an eye on our website for updates). At this point, the waitlist is randomised, so it does not matter what date you apply for the waitlist - as long as they are on the waitlist, they have the same chance as any other student.
  • Importantly, an email is sent out at this time to all waitlisted students, informing them of their waitlist position. This email is sent to the email account used to sign up for the CAO with, so make sure to keep an eye on it.
  • If your son/daughter is late to sign up for the waitlist, or only decide to apply for UCD after the waitlist is randomised, don't worry - they can still get on the  waitlist, but they will be placed after the randomised students.


IMPORTANT - Only students who have accepted a UCD CAO offer are eligible for a UCD accommodation offer. In this respect, regardless of your accommodation waitlist place, the most important factor in securing UCD on-campus accommodation is to receive and accept a 1st round offer UCD CAO offer, as not all students on the waitlist will be offered a place at UCD.


Even 2nd and 3rd round CAO offer students can be successful in getting UCD campus accommodation, particularly with our new Student Residences opening!

CAO Offers - Mid August

Once the waitlist is randomised, nothing else happens until the First Round of CAO Offers goes out, typically in mid-August. Two to three working days later, we will begin to send out offers for accommodation, based on the following criteria:

  • Based on the student's position on the waitlist, and
  • Only to those who have accepted a CAO offer from UCD.

As offers only go out to those have accepted an offer from UCD, the waitlist position for your son/daughter will drop very quickly, as those who have not gotten an offer yet will be put to one side, so to speak. 

Furthermore, as accommodation offers only go out to those who have accepted a UCD CAO offer, we advise accepting the CAO offer as soon as possible for the best chance possible.

Offers for accommodation are sent out in batches of 100, on the hour between office hours. Upon receiving an offer for accommodation, an email will be sent to the student's email address. 

Upon receiving this email, they have 24 hours to accept their offer for accommodation. Upon doing so, they will then be able to choose a room from what is available for them on-campus. Similar to booking a seat on a flight, they will see a breakdown of all available rooms at that time and can select whichever room they desire. It is at this point that the €400 refundable deposit is paid, guaranteeing the student the room. 

If a student has a friend also going to UCD and wishes to live with them on-campus, the best thing to do is try to book accommodation at the same time and book the same apartment. We unfortunately do not offer a formal system for multiple students booking together.

After confirming their booking and paying the deposit, the student will receive an email with more information on what must be completed before check-in. 


Please see a video here outlining how to book a room in UCD Residences.

After confirming a booking, the student will receive an email informing them that they have to complete a number of tasks before arriving to check-in. These include:

  • Agreeing to the License to Reside,
  • Uploading an ID Photo for their Student Card,
  • Completing the series of Induction Videos, and,
  • Paying any fees due before Check-in.

License to Reside

This is the agreement between the student and UCD, and sets out the rules and terms of the student living in UCD Residences.

UCard Photo

The UCard, the UCD Student Card, acts as the access card for the student's apartment, and as such, they have to upload a photo to allow us to print the card.

Induction Videos

These are a short set of videos with questions attached that check to see if a student understands the check-in procedure and the rules and policies of the Residences.

Paying any Fees Due

On top of the deposit, a certain percentage of the fees due for the year must be paid before check-in. These vary, but usually amount to 55% of the total for the year.

Check-In (late August*)

The Check-in procedure is nice and simple, and as long as students have completed the Tasks to Complete before Check-in, takes very little time.

The student will be directed to visit the Check-in Marquee (location TBC), and will be asked to bring a form of ID, their student card (if they are a returning student), and proof of payment of fees for accommodation.

The student will receive a welcome pack, filled with information for their stay in UCD Residences, and their new Student Card (if not already held by the student).


What's included with the Apartment?

Each bedroom is supplied with a new duvet, pillow and mattress protector. It is required that the student supplies their own bed linen, towels and additional pillows (if needed).

The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances, including a hob, microwave, kettle and toaster. Students should supply their own cutlery, crockery and cookware. 

It should be noted that Ashfield is equipped with induction hobs, and as such, will require induction pans.

Before Check-out (late April)*

The check-out process is rather simple, and requires little input from the students. In late April* usually, students will get an email informing them of the checkout procedure.

Students will be asked to give us an approximate check-out date, which we use to determine staffing levels for each day of check-outs.


Check-out Procedure (mid May)*

On the day the student wishes to check-out, we ask that they remove any and all belongings from their apartment, and that they leave it in a condition similar to the condition they found it in. The duvet and pillow provided to the student at check-in can be disposed of, either in general waste skips or dropped off at a number of donation stations across campus for Dogs Trust Ireland.

The student is then advised to lock their bedroom door, and take pictures of the condition of the apartment (especially useful if they are leaving earlier than their roommates!). Once this is done, visit the Central Customer office in Merville, where our staff will officially check the student out of their accommodation.


Deposit Refunds

After all students have checked-out from their residences, all apartments are checked by a team from UCD Residences to note the condition that all apartments are left in. If damages are found, or if belongings are left behind, they may note these to be deducted from the €400 deposit paid at the start of the year. 

Deposit refunds are then issued by EFT, to a bank account of the student's choice. They will be directed to input the IBAN into SISWeb, and the refund will be processed within the week.


* - Dates subject to change with COVID-19 procedure at the time.

Please see our dedicated Finance page for more information on what is due to be paid and when, and for contact information for the Residence Finance team.

Can I send my son/daughter letters or packages?

Yes, you can, however we are only able to accept deliveries from An Post. Deliveries from couriers such as DHL, UPS and such cannot be accepted.


All post should be addressed to your son/daughter's specific room on campus, and should be addressed to their full name. For example, if your son/daughter lived in the Glenomena Residence, House 1 Apartment 3 Bedroom 2, you would write the address as follows:


Glenomena 1-3-2,

UCD Belfield,

Dublin 4,



Unfortunately, we cannot give out any student's specific address - your son/daughter will need to provide you with this.