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CAO Student's Guide to UCD Residences

CAO Student's Guide to UCD Residences (Updated 10/09/22)



To help with the list of questions you may have regarding the process of obtaining accommodation in UCD Residences for CAO Applicants, we have put together some FAQs which will hopefully help. 

If your query isn't answered in this section, or if you have any other queries at all, please let us know at residences@ucd.ie and we will do our best to help you. 

Please see below for more information on more areas of UCD Residences, including the CAO Accommodation Waitlist process.

CAO Bookings are now open but places are initially offered according to place on the waitlist. 

The CAO Accommodation Waitlist is how students applying to UCD via the CAO can apply for UCD Campus Accommodation.

The only precondition to joining the CAO Accommodation Waitlist is that you have chosen at least one UCD course on your 2022/23 CAO preference list. Please see here for instructions on how to join the waitlist, which we hope to open in mid-April.

No. Joining the waitlist is free and the only condition is that you have a UCD course on your CAO preference list. A booking deposit is only necessary to secure a booking if a room has been offered after a UCD course acceptance in August/September, at the end of the waitlist process.

The CAO Accommodation Waitlist will open on 13/04/22.

The waitlist remains open and gets randomised after 3 months on 18/07/22. After the 3 month period applicants can still join the waitlist but their place on the list is final subject to others on the waitlist receiving and accepting a UCD CAO offer. 

If you have followed the online instructions (see here) and get a blank page on step 5,  you will need to either

1. Try using an incognito tab in your browser, or

2. Try a different browser

This should resolve the issue.

Please see our dedicated Finance page for more information on what is due to be paid and when, and for contact information for the Residence Finance team.

No. When you join the CAO Accommodation Waitlist you will be given an initial numbered position on the waitlist. After a period of up to 3 months the waitlist will be randomised and you will be given a new, final place on the waitlist. 

Yes. Students will be notified of their new CAO Accommodation Waitlist position via email to their CAO registered email.

Not neccessarily. A low number on the waitlist will likely give those applicants more choice at the time of booking, but a high number doesn’t  always mean an applicant will not get an offer. A good indicator for receiving a possible offer of accommodation in UCD is for the applicant to receive and accept a 1st round CAO offer from UCD as soon as possible. 

No. The CAO Accommodation Waitlist for UCD is free to join and any applicant who has UCD anywhere on their CAO preference list is eligible to join it. A large number of applicants on the waitlist will not receive UCD course offers, and therefore will not be offered rooms on campus.

Every year we allocate a significant amount of rooms for booking by CAO students. 

Yes. In order to be eligible for a place offer at UCD Campus Accommodation applicants must have been offered and accepted a UCD CAO offer. Applicants who are either not offered a place at UCD, have not accepted their CAO offer, or have accepted an offer from a different University  will be placed “to the side” of the waitlist pending a CAO offer for UCD or acceptance of an offer.

UCD Residences will send an email offer to the email address supplied via the CAO application. Students should check their email accounts regularly on the day the accommodation offers go out.

Yes. The email offer of campus accommodation provides a 24 hour window of access to all available campus accommodation at that moment in time. Applicants should make themselves familiar with the various types of campus accommodation via the following link: https://www.ucd.ie/residences/residences/

Incoming residents will only be able to pay a booking deposit when they are actually booking a room. The booking deposit will be €720.

UCD Campus Accommodation does not have CAO specific accommodation though there is a good chance of CAO students sharing accommodation (apartments) with one another.

No. UCD Campus Accommodation offers mixed campus accommodation only. It is possible that students will end up in either male or female only apartments but this is not by design.

UCD campus accommodation residents in Belfield are not eligible to purchase a campus parking permit. This is to ensure the limited number of parking spaces are available to students and staff not living on campus and who must travel to and from campus daily.  If required, residents or their guests can avail of temporary pay and display parking charged at the rate of €1 per hour, 08:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday. UCD has extensive public transport links including at 24 hour bus service and covered, secured cycle parking and an on campus bike shop. 

For more information on commuting to UCD see the following link: https://ucdestates.ie/commuting/

Offers for accommodation are sent out in batches of 100, on the hour between office hours. Upon receiving an offer for accommodation, an email will be sent to the student's email address. 

Upon receiving this email, they have 24 hours to accept their offer for accommodation. Students will then be able to pay a booking and security deposit  for available on-campus accommodation. 

Please note, the booking and security deposit is €720.

Click here for more information on the recently ammended fee schedule UCD Residences.

Click here for FAQs regarding recent changes to Residence Fee payments.

After confirming their booking by paying the deposit, the student will receive an email with more information on what must be completed before check-in.

After confirming a booking, the student will receive an email informing them that they have to complete a number of tasks before arriving to check-in. These include:

  • Agreeing to the License to Reside,
  • Uploading an ID Photo for their Student Card,
  • Completing the series of Induction Videos, and,
  • Paying any fees due before Check-in.

License to Reside

This is the agreement between the student and UCD, and sets out the rules and terms of the student living in UCD Residences.

UCard Photo

The UCard, the UCD Student Card, acts as the access card for the student's apartment, and as such, they have to upload a photo to allow us to print the card.

Induction Videos

These are a short set of videos with questions attached that check to see if a student understands the check-in procedure and the rules and policies of the Residences.

Paying any Fees Due

On top of the deposit, the first monthly instalment of residence fees must be paid before check-in. This amount will vary depending on the booked residence.

Check-In (15/09/22)

The Check-in procedure is nice and simple, and as long as students have completed the Tasks to Complete before Check-in, it takes very little time.

The student will be directed to visit the Village Welcome Desk in the UCD Village building, and will be asked to bring a form of ID, their student card (if they are a returning student), and proof of payment of fees for accommodation.

The student will receive a digital information pack relating to their stay in UCD Residences, and their new Student Card (if not already held by the student).

What's included with the Apartment?

Each bedroom is supplied with a new duvet, pillow and mattress protector. It is required that the student supplies their own bed linen, towels and additional pillows (if needed).

The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances, including a hob, microwave, kettle and toaster. Students should supply their own cutlery, crockery and cookware. 

It should be noted that Ashfield and the Village Residences are equipped with induction hobs, and as such, will require induction pans.

Contact UCD Residences

UCD Village Welcome Desk, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 1031 / +353 1 716 1008 | E: residences@ucd.ie | Location Map

Residence Room Booking Email: residenceroombooking@ucd.ie