International Students 2022/23


About UCD Campus Residences 

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How to Book

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Fees and Payment 

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EU Applicants - 22/23

Booking Information

Stage 1/1st Year Undergraduates - Apply via CAO (See above)

Single Trimester EU Exchange Students - Booking Opens Tuesday 14th of June 2022 - 14/06/2022

Two Trimester EU Exchange Students - Booking Opens Tuesday 14th of June 2022 - 14/06/2022

EU Graduate -  Currently No Campus Accommodation Bookings Options Available - See following link for off-campus options

International Applicants (From Outside the EU) - 22/23

International Students (from outside the EU) who are applying directly to UCD, have a different application process compared to the categories above. Students will receive detailed information, via email, on how to apply for UCD on-campus housing, in advance of bookings opening.

Two Trimester (Full Year) - Stage 1(First year) Full Undergraduate Degree

Booking opens 20/04/22

Two/Three Trimester (Full Year) - Postgraduate Taught Students - Belfield 

Booking opens 20/04/22

Two/Three Trimester (Full Year) - Postgraduate Taught Students - Blackrock (Smurfitt Graduate Business School) 

Booking opens 11/05/22

 See top of page for booking details. 


International (Non-EU), Study Abroad & Exchange Students (EU) - 22/23

Full Degree - Stage 1 (1st Year) International (Non-EU) Undergraduates

Booking opens 19/04/22

See top of page for booking details. 


Autumn Single Trimester students: Booking Date - Tuesday 14th of June 2022 - 14/06/2022



Postgraduate students:

Please contact


Please see some FAQs regarding the Non-EU applications below:

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Please see our dedicated Finance page for more information on what is due to be paid and when, and for contact information for the Residence Finance team.

Yes. When bookings open you will be able to choose from all available campus accommodation at that moment in time. Applicants should make themselves familiar with the various types of campus accommodation via the following link:

Incoming residents will only be able to pay a booking deposit when they are actually booking a room. The booking deposit will be €720.

Currently due to booking system limitations it's not possible to indicate group bookings in advance.

However, if you and your friend(s) are booking accommodation, it's possible to coordinate booking into the same apartment subject to availability.

The check-in date for the 2022/23 academic year is the 1st of September 2022 (01/09/22).

We cannot facilitate arrivals before this date.

See booking dates below:

Two Trimester Residence License (Lease)  Dates 22/23
Cohort Start End
Stage 1 CAO & International, Stage 2+ Continuing / International 01/09/2022 20/05/2023
Single Trimester Residences License (Lease) Dates  *
Cohort Start End
Trimester 1  (Autumn)  01/09/2022  23/12/2022
Trimester 2 (Spring) 09/01/2023 20/05/2023
Three Trimester Residences License (Lease) Dates  22/23
Cohort Start End
Non-EU Postgraduates 01/09/2022 12/08/2023

* Qualifying incoming International Groups only.