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Students without an Allocation

In an effort to make accommodation available for all students UCD is growing the number of beds on campus and the development of accommodation is a key objective of the UCD Strategy 2016-2020. In the meantime priority has been given to new entrants to UCD- CAO, International and postgraduate students in their first year at UCD. In addition beds are available for a number of scholarship programmes and a limited number of beds are available for existing UCD students.


Accommodation for 2017-18


If you fall into a group without an allocation of beds, or if you were unable to secure campus accommodation when it became available for your cohort, unfortunately this means that you are limited to cancellations after the licence period commences and it is recommended that you seek alternative private accommodation early in the summer. Information on how we can assist you is detailed below.

Once the UCD Residences occupancy period begins in September some accommodation on campus may become available as a result of cancellations. These rooms will be available in the SIS Web booking system for all student cohorts to book on a first come first serve basis. For information on booking a room please visit The Booking Process and How to Book a Room


Off Campus Accommodation

The UCD Accommodation Pad, run by the UCD Residences Booking & Support Office, shows listings of houses, flats, apartments, lodgings and general self-catering accommodation.

For assistance with sourcing off campus accommodation please visit www.ucdaccommodationpad.ie