Accommodation FAQs for International Students (updated 20/05/2021)

Accommodation Booking Procedures

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Students will be notified in advance of the opening of bookings for on-campus accommodation for the 2021/22 Academic Year via email.

For Autumn & Spring Trimester Students (two trimesters)

Thursday 26/08/2021* - Monday 16/05/2022


For Autumn Trimester only Students (one trimester)

Thursday 26/08/2021* - Saturday 23/12/2021


For Spring Trimester only Students (one trimester)

To Be Confirmed


* Please note: International Students arriving in August 2021 will be able to check-in from the 12th of August (12/08/2021) to allow for any required period of self-quarantine at no extra cost to their overall accommodation fees.


Click here for more information on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here for more details on the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Process.

Only Continuing Students in UCD are required to join a waiting list. If you are a new entrant to UCD, and have joined the "UCD Student" waiting list, please email to request to be removed from the waiting list so that it does not negatively impact on your eligibility to book a room.


Information for returning and continuing students arriving from abroad will be released shortly.

Exact details regarding the booking process will be issued to students in the coming weeks. Students will be asked to pay a refundable booking deposit, and indicate their preferences for where they would like to live on-campus.

A specific room will be assigned to incoming students who are living on-campus upon arrival at UCD, or very close to arrival at UCD.

UCD Residences will do its best to facilitate students' preferences where possible, depending on availability.

Rooms in UCD Residences for international arrivals will be allocated based on each student's arrival date, at random to ensure that apartments can self-quarantine as needed together as a pod. An important part of living in on-campus accommodation is in making new friends and acquaintances. By allocating rooms at random, this will allow each student to achieve the same positive college experience. However, if students arrive together, they will have a very good chance at being places together.


Self-Quarantine, Arrival and Vaccine Queries

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Incoming UCD students who have booked on-campus accommodation for the Academic Year who are also arriving from countries NOT designated as high-risk* by the Irish Government, are able to arrive at UCD Residences from the 12th of August. 


These students can self-quarantine on-campus for 14 days at no additional cost to their accommodation for the year. The accommodation fees will commence from the 26th of August (26/08/2021).


* Please click here for more information on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you are arriving from a country that is not designated as high risk, and do not require mandatory hotel quarantine - click here for further details - you can avail of a 14-night stay in UCD Residences for the purpose of the required self-quarantine/isolation period. The cost of this accommodation is €574. This price includes ensuite accommodation with bed linen and kitchen utensils also being provided. 

The earliest day of arrival for this stay is 1st of August 2021 - (01/08/2021)

The final date for arriving for this stay is the 6th of August 2021 (06/08/2021) 

Please contact for more details on this.

We strongly advise that all incoming residents arrive at UCD during the August check-in period. If you are unable to arrive during this time for whatever reason, please conatct the Residences Booking Office at

UCD Residences has beds set aside to deal with potential cases of COVID-19. Where a positive case of COVID-19 arises, University supports, such as Health and Counselling, will be provided and HDE guidelines will be adhered to.

Currently, all incoming international arrivals into Ireland are expected to self-quarantine upon arrival. UCD Residences will adhere to the prevailing Irish Public Health Guidelines and we encourage all incoming residents to frequently check the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website for updated information.


This website is a resource for:

  1. What to do before arriving in Ireland from abroad.
  2. What to do if you are travelling from a high-risk area / country.
  3. The mandatory Passenger Locator Form.
  4. Quarantine Requirements.
  5. Requirements for a pre-departure COVID-19 RT-PCR Test.

As per current Irish Government Guidelines, "travel to Ireland from specified designated states* is now subject to mandatory hotel quarantine that must be booked in advance of travel".


Click here for more information on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here for more details on the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine procedure.

Unfortunately, any Irish Government requirement for Mandatory Hotel Quarantine cannot be overruled or negated by a student's accommodation booking. You would need to complete the Mandarory Hotel Quarantine, and then travel to UCD Residences.

Unfortunately, any Irish Government requirement for Mandatory Hotel Quarantine cannot be overruled or negated by a student's accommodation booking. You would need to complete the Mandarory Hotel Quarantine, and then travel to their booked accommodation.

Please refer to the Irish Government website for up-to-date information on guidelines surrounding vaccines. 


Currently, if you have been fully vaccinated by an EMA-approved vaccine, you will be able to travel directly to UCD Residences  and undertake a required period of self-quarantine in campus residences, while foregoing the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine. Please note, these requirements are subject to change and regular referral to the  to the Irish Government website for up-to-date information on guidelines surrounding vaccines and mandatory hotel quarantine is recommeneded. 


Click here for more information on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here for more details on the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine procedure.


Living On Campus

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Socialising is an important aspect of living in Residences. Our guidance given will be informed by the prevailing Irish Public Health Guidelines at the time. 


Currently, although no apartment gatherings are permitted, the social spaces, games rooms and gyms are expected to open over the coming weeks and will be accessible by residents.

Within the Residences, a programme of ResLife activities will be ran during trimester 1 which will be supported by the Residential Assistants (RAs).

No, it will not be possible for incoming residents of UCD Resisences to have a friend or family member undergo quarantine with them upon arrival in UCD Residences.

At present, no gatherings in apartments or across apartments is permitted in UCD Residences. This is in line with the prevailing Irish Government Guidelines, which currently prevents the mixing of households. UCD Residences adheres to Irish Government Guidelines at all times and stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All bed units on-campus will be occupied. For information on the Residences, including the number of beds in each one, please see the Residences website.


There are hand sanitizers at the entrance to each building and in social spaces, laundries, and offices across the accommodation. The common areas are cleaned daily with reference to touch points such as door handles and bannisters. Within the apartments, the shared spaces (living room, kitchen, etc) are the responsibility of each student. Hygiene checks will be carried out in Residences if any issue should arise.


The UCD Residences team have set aside a number of Quarantine rooms across the campus for any student who may be required to quarantine/self-isolate during their stay in UCD Residences.


Social distancing protocols are in place at the Front of House reception area and will be applied during the check-in process. Each resident across campus accommodation is advised to follow the social distancing protocols set by the Irish Government. It is each student's responsibility to follow the guidelines in place. Where residents are concerned that someone is not adhering to the guidelines, they should alert Front of House staff or their Residential Assistant (RA).

Food will not be provided by the University during the quarantine / self-isolation period except where food is part of the overall residential package. 


Students will be able to cook for themselves in their apartments and access food and grocery delivery services from local supermarkets, including the on-campus Centra store. Information on restaurant delivery services will also be provided.

Roebuck Castle is our typical catered option for on-campus accommodation, and includes a café supplying breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Residents of Roebuck Castle are entitled to 12 meals per week in any of the Eat@UCD restaurants across campus, with these costs being included in the license fees for the rooms. There may be additional catering options available for residents living elsewhere. 

It is the aim that students will be able to process a food order before arrival and the delivery will be made to their apartment.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Click here for details on the standard cancellation policy regarding cancellation of the tenancy prior to the license period ending.


If the delivery of face-to-face academic activities are impacted by COVID-19 in the 2021/22 Academic Year, UCD Residences will implement a flexible allocation policy. The flexible refund, in this instance, implies a student could be eligible for a pro-rata refund if they left their accommodation, prior to the end of the tenancy date. This means students could end up effectively only paying for the days that they stayed in UCD Residences.