Accommodation FAQs for International Students (updated 01/12/2021)


 We encourage all incoming students to stay up to date with the latest Irish Government guidelines on travel.


Accommodation Booking Procedures

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The Licence to Reside period commences on the 19th of August 2021, students can check-in from this day. The University will for this year waive the rental fees due for the period up to and including  the 1st  September 2021 (01/09/21) for International and continuing students and to and including  the 15th of September 2021 (15/09/21) for CAO first year and International stage 1 undergraduate students. This rental fee waiver reflects the impact of the pandemic on the 21/22 academic term dates.


International Continuing, Graduate, Study Abroad & Exchange Students

For Autumn & Spring Trimester Students (two trimesters)

Thursday 02/09/2021* - Wednesday 18/05/2022


For Autumn Trimester only Students (one trimester)

Thursday 02/09/2021* - Saturday 23/12/2021


For Spring Trimester only Students (one trimester)

Monday 10/01/2022 - Wednesday 18/05/2022



International First Year / Stage 1 Undergraduate Students

For Autumn & Spring Trimester Students (two trimesters)

Thursday 16/09/2021* - Wednesday 18/05/2022


For Autumn Trimester only Students (one trimester)

Thursday 16/09/2021* - Saturday 23/12/2021


For Spring Trimester only Students (one trimester)

Monday 10/01/2022 - Wednesday 18/05/2022


Click here for more information on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only Continuing Students in UCD are required to join a waiting list. If you are a new entrant to UCD, and have joined the "UCD Student" waiting list, please email to request to be removed from the waiting list so that it does not negatively impact on your eligibility to book a room.

UCD Residences will do its best to facilitate students' preferences where possible, depending on availability.


Students have the opportunity to place their name on a Residence Transfer List. Transfers can only occur subject to availability, and therefore are not guaranteed to be fulfilled and will be subject to an adminstration charge.


More information on the Transfer Policy can be found here: Amend your booking

Students are required to pay a booking and security deposit on SISWeb in order to secure a room in UCD campus residences.


For further information, please contact


Self-Quarantine, Arrival and Vaccine Queries

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As per current Irish Government public health (HSE) guidelines (click here for more details)  any resident who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to  quarantine/self-isolate (stay in your room) within their currently allocated apartment.  See below link for more details on this. 

If you test positive for COVID-19 please contact the UCD Residences Front of House reception on 017161008 , this will help UCD connect you to the available University supports, such as health and counselling, HSE guidelines will be adhered to during this process.


Please note below information is  a summary of  information obtained from the HSE website (Irish Health Service - click here)  and all external links will redirect to their website and relevant area.

This information is subject to regular change so please  ensure you frequently check the HSE website in relation to the latest public health information regarding COVID-19.

HSE COVID-19   -


If You Are Not Fully Vaccinated

If a resident tests positive for COVID-19 their housemates are considered to be household contacts.

As per prevailing Irish government public health guidelines if you are designated  a close contact and are NOT fully vaccinated with an EMA recognised vaccine, you will be required to get tested for COVID-19 via a PCR test; while  restricting your movements.

See below general summary of possible scenarios based on the latest HSE public health advice, click here for  more details. 


1.Close Contact (Room Mate)- You have symptoms. see relevant HSE Information here.


2. Close Contact (Room Mate)  - You have  no symptoms -  see relevant HSE Information here.


3. Close Contact (Room Mate) and tested positive more than 9 months ago - see relevant HSE Information  here.

You are no longer immune and need to  follow the above advice. 


If You Are Fully Vaccinated

1. Close Contact (Room Mate) - You have  symptoms - see relevant HSE Information here.


2.Close Contact (Room Mate)- You have no symptoms - see relevant HSE Information  here.

You will be contacted by the HSE and will be required to:

Please note - if your housemate has tested positive for COVID -19 and you have not been contacted by the HSE with regard to antigen testing, contact the COVID-19 helpline on 1800 700 700.

As of August 16th 2021, all incoming international arrivals into Ireland are subject to different public health requirements, depending on their origin country of travel and vaccination status. UCD Residences will adhere to the prevailing Irish Public Health Guidelines and we encourage all incoming residents to frequently check the department of foreign affairs website for updated information.


This website is a resource for:

  1. What to do before arriving in Ireland from abroad.
  2. What to do if you are travelling from a high-risk area / country.
  3. The mandatory Passenger Locator Form.
  4. Quarantine Requirements including possible mandatory hotel requirements. 
  5. Requirements for a pre-departure COVID-19 RT-PCR Test.
  6. List of EU recognised vaccines.


As of December 3rd 2021, everyone arriving into Ireland from an international destination must have a negative COVID-19 test. See the Irish Government website for further information.


Living On Campus

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Socialising is an important aspect of living in Residences. Our guidance given will be informed by the prevailing Irish Public Health Guidelines at the time. 


Currently, although no apartment gatherings are permitted, the social spaces, games rooms and gyms are expected to open over the coming weeks and will be accessible by residents.

Within the Residences, a programme of ResLife activities will be ran during trimester 1 which will be supported by the Residential Assistants (RAs).

No, it will not be possible for incoming residents of UCD Resisences to have a friend or family member undergo quarantine with them upon arrival in UCD Residences.

At present, no gatherings in apartments or across apartments is permitted in UCD Residences. This is in line with the prevailing Irish Government Guidelines, which currently prevents the mixing of households. UCD Residences adheres to Irish Government Guidelines at all times and stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All bed units on-campus will be occupied. For information on the Residences, including the number of beds in each one, please see the Residences website.


There are hand sanitizers at the entrance to each building and in social spaces, laundries, and offices across the accommodation. The common areas are cleaned daily with reference to touch points such as door handles and bannisters. Within the apartments, the shared spaces (living room, kitchen, etc) are the responsibility of each student. Hygiene checks will be carried out in Residences if any issue should arise.



Social distancing protocols are in place at the Front of House reception area and will be applied during the check-in process. Each resident across campus accommodation is advised to follow the social distancing protocols set by the Irish Government. It is each student's responsibility to follow the guidelines in place. Where residents are concerned that someone is not adhering to the guidelines, they should alert Front of House staff via or on 017161008  or their Residential Assistant (RA).

Food will not be provided by the University during the quarantine / self-isolation period except where food is part of the overall residential package. 


Students will be able to cook for themselves in their apartments and access food and grocery delivery services from local supermarkets including : 






Roebuck Castle is our typical catered option for on-campus accommodation, and includes a café supplying breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Residents of Roebuck Castle are entitled to 12 meals per week in any of the Eat@UCD restaurants across campus, with these costs being included in the license fees for the rooms. 

There are a number of food delivery services which are available to residents in UCD. There is a small convenience store on-campus, Centra, which is located adjacent to the main Merville reception.


All major supermarkets in the area offer home delivery services. The closest supermarkets to UCD include Tesco, Lidl and Supervalu. You can find more information on their delivery services, including delivery fees and times, on their respective websites.






Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Click here for details on the standard cancellation policy regarding cancellation of the tenancy prior to the license period ending.


If the delivery of face-to-face academic activities are impacted by COVID-19 in the 2021/22 Academic Year, UCD Residences will implement a flexible allocation policy. The flexible refund, in this instance, implies a student could be eligible for a pro-rata refund if they left their accommodation, prior to the end of the tenancy date. This means students could end up effectively only paying for the days that they stayed in UCD Residences.


Check-in FAQs

FAQs - Before Check-in

Once a room is assigned to a student, an automated email will be sent to them informing them of this. This email will include instructions for the student to complete their Tasks to Complete before Arriving to Check-in.


Without the completion of these steps, we are unable to check a student into their accommodation upon arrival. These steps include:

  1. Agreeing to the License to Reside, the legal agreement between UCD Residences and the student.
  2. Completing the online UCD Residences Induction Video series, and answering a few questions on these.
  3. Upload a photo to be used for your UCard, which is your student card and your bedroom key in one.
  4. Pay the first installment, with the amount due being reflected on the page.


These steps can be found on SISWeb, by navicating to Campus > UCD Residences > Tasks to Complete before Arriving to Check-in.


As well as this, incoming CAO students and Continuing students will be emailed, asking for them to book a check-in slot. This is being done in order to prevent an influx of students arriving at one time, smoothing out the numbers as much as possible. Keep an eye out for this email for more information.


Please note that failure to complete these tasks before check-in will result in a delayed check-in for the student.

Once a room is assigned to a student, they will be able to view who else is assigned to that room by visiting the My Residence section of SISWeb. This can be found by navigating to SISWeb > Campus > UCD Residences > My Residence.

There are a number of food delivery services which are available to residents in UCD.  Students will be able to cook for themselves in their apartments and access food and grocery delivery services from local supermarkets including :

Centra - Adjacent to main Merville reception in UCD Residences.







All rooms in UCD Residences are supplied with a duvet and pillow. Residents are asked to bring their own bed linen, towels, and whatever kitchen cutlery and crockery they require. Beds in UCD Residences are of a standard single size, except for the new Village Residences, which feature 4ft small double beds. 

If residents need to pick up any additional items, there is a frequent bus service that runs from the main entrance of the UCD Campus to IKEA, which departs roughly every 20 minutes. This bus is the 155, and is serviced by Dublin Bus. Please see their website for fee information.

Kitchen Utensils

If a student needs kitchen utensils but is unable to order them and  has a requirement to self-quarantine  please contact and we will try and provide them where possible.

FAQs - During Check-in

In order to check-in, residents must first have completed their Tasks to Complete before Arriving to Check-in. More information on these can be found in the above FAQs. 


As well as this, we ask that all incoming residents have the following with them for the check-in process:

  1. Photographic ID (Passport / Drivers License / Age Card),
  2. If accommodation fees were paid by means of a Bank Transfer, proof of payment of fees, and,
  3. (if applicable) your UCD Student UCard.


If students were unable to complete the required tasks before check-in, there are a number of PCs set up in the Check-in marquee to facilitate the completion of these.

Residents of the Belfield Campus (Ashfield, Belgrove, Glenomena, Merville, Roebuck and the Village Residences) check-in at the Merville Reception.


Residents of Proby check in at the Proby Residence Reception, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Blackrock.

Your UCD Student Card can only be printed once your Academic Registration is fully complete. As such, we may not be able to have your card printed for your arrival, in which case we will provide you with a Temporary Card. You can then collect your student card as part of your on-campus induction.


In order to activate your Student Card, you will need to hold this to the front door of your Residence building for approximately 10 seconds. If this does not work, you can visit the Merville Residence Office to have your card manually updated.


Residents of Glenomena Houses 4 - 10 and Roebuck Halls will need to visit the Merville Residence Office to have their cards manually updated - these Residences use a different access system.

FAQs - After Check-in

Upon check-in, an automated email will be sent to each student informing them that they have been successfully checked-in. This email will contain a link to the My Residence page of SISWeb, where each student will be asked to complete their Inventory Check. 


This will give the resident a list of what should be in the apartment, and the condition they are in. If there are any discrepancies, the student can highlight this, and a member of the on-site Maintenance team will attend to any disputed items as soon as possible.

If you are trying to order something to your apartment, we ask that you order the item to your address on-campus. An example of how to format your address is:


Student Name,

Glenomena House 1,

Apartment 3 Room 2,

UCD Belfield,

Dublin 4.


Letters are delivered underneath your apartment door each weekday, between 6:30pm and 8pm.


If you are ordering a package, please note that we are unable to sign for courier packages. We only accept deliveries from An Post, the national postal carrier in Ireland. If a package arrives in your name, you will receive an email, instructing you to visit the Merville Residence Office to collect it as soon as possible.

If you are looking for more general information on UCD Residences, have a browse of our website. The following links may be of use to you:

Finance: Rates and Payments

General FAQs: General FAQs

Policies & Procedures: Policies

Our Residences: Residences


As well as this, if you have any other questions or queries, you can always get in touch with us at, or by calling +353 (0)1 716 1008.