Returning Students - COVID-19 FAQs

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At present, during the initial period of reopening of the campus as students arrive back from across the world with differing needs, no guests are permitted in any apartments across campus accommodation. This is to ensure the comfort safety and security of all our incoming residents as they arrive into their new homes and meet their new flatmates.

Only registered residents can be in their allocated apartments. Meeting friends and socialising outside of your apartment pod should currently be outdoors or in other designated university social spaces in line with government guidelines. Please ensure to follow the direction of UCD personnel at all times. Residents are not able to visit other residences at this time. Gatherings and the overnight guest policy are currently suspended.

The University is continuously monitoring public health advice and will issue an update to residents when and if there is a change to the guest policy.

When arriving on the main campus for check in to Glenomena, Merville, Ashfield, Belgrove, Roebuck Halls and Roebuck Castle please make your way to the Merville Residences. Please find map links here

When you arrive to Merville Residences, signage will guide you to the check-in tents located onsite.

For students arriving to the Blackrock Campus, please proceed to Proby Residences.

Set down parking for check is available across from Merville Residences and adjacent to Centra supermarket onsite at UCD map link available here. Please note this is the location for moving items into residences in Glenomena and Merville. Vehicle access to Merville and Glenomena is not permitted between 23/09/2020 - 02/10/2020.

Set down parking for moving into Belgrove & Ashfield is available at the carpark behind the Merville
complex. Map link available here.

Please note set down parking for moving into residences after check in is max stay 45 minutes. Paid parking is available at a number of locations on campus at UCD. Further information on visitor parking can be found here.

UCD Residences will endeavour to check all residents in at their booked timeslot but some may be required to queue at busy periods. Please note social distancing is in place across the UCD Campus and limits are in place for entry to the Residences Check in Marquee’s.

You can amend your booking time up to 48 hours before arrival.

Students are asked to bring no more than one family member or household member when checking into UCD Residences and must follow the below conditions:

- Only students are permitted in the main check in tent.

- A family or household member should not enter Residences Accommodation (Apartments or Bedrooms) unless it is essential to assist with luggage or belongings. Social distaining and face coverings must be worn at all times.

- A family or household member should not enter any UCD Residences building, apartment or bedroom for a prolonged period of time in the interest of respect of all residents of that apartment.

Student check in is available via the booking timeslot system emailed to your registered email address. Please ensure to book a timeslot before arriving to UCD Residences. Returning student check in is available from the 17th September – 23rd September. CAO Student check in is available from the 24th September – 29th September.

On arrival to our check-in tent students are asking to follow the social distancing guidelines highlighted throughout the check-in tent. Please ensure to keep your passport, ID and relevant documents with you in order to check in. There are 6 booths located in the main tent for check-in, our residences team will give you a quick briefing on campus accommodation, your access card and relevant information. Once you are checked-in, please exit the check-in tent following the instructions of residence team members.

Yes, we ask all students to wear a mask when in all indoor spaces including the check in and luggage tents. Hand sanitizer is available in all spaces and upon entry to all residences.

Yes students should revise all FAQ’s, Policies and your licence to reside listed on the UCD Residences website.

For Autumn & Spring Trimester Students
Thurs 10/9/20 - Mon 17/5/21 (35 weeks 4 days)

For Autumn Trimester only students
Thurs 10/9/20 - Sat 24/12/20 (15 weeks)

For Spring Trimester only  students
Mon 11/1/21 - Mon 17/5/21 (18 week)


Information for returning students arriving from abroad will be released shortly.

There are hand sanitizers at the entrance to each building and in social spaces, laundries, and offices across the accommodation.  The common areas are cleaned daily with reference to touch points such as door handles and bannisters.  Within the apartments, the shared spaces (living room, kitchen etc) are the responsibility of each student. Hygiene checks will be carried out in residences if any issue should arise.


UCD Residences team have set aside a number of rooms for any student who may require a period of restricted movement on medical advice during their stay in UCD Residences.

Ongoing social distancing protocols are in place at the front of house reception and social areas and the arrivals process will be designed to ensure a safe check-in process.

Each resident across campus accommodation is advised to follow the social distancing protocols set by the HSE and Irish Government. It is each student's responsibility to follow the guidelines in place. Where residents are concerned that someone is not adhering to the guidelines, they should alert Front of House staff or their Residential Assistant (RA).

Socializing is an important aspect of living in Residences and it will be informed by current HSE directions. At the moment, for example, no overnight guests are permitted and social spaces, games rooms and gyms within the residences remain closed.  We will however review the use of social space where possible for use by residents and we will have a programme of Res-life activities in place during the trimester which will be as before.

UCD has a strong support structure in place to ensure the welfare of our students.  If a Covid 19 positive case arises in the residences the University supports including Health and Counselling, will apply HSE guidelines at the time to ensure appropriate medical advice and support is followed.

All beds in units will be occupied.

Yes a period of restricted movement will be required. If CAO or Returning students are coming to UCD Residences from abroad they must register with UCD Residences that they will be arriving from abroad with residence room booking. All returning students will receive an email communication on this.

Students travelling from outside Ireland will be asked to inform us so that we can adjust allocations if required to allow you to self-isolate. This may affect the exact room you booked, but where possible we will match your apartment type. More information on this will be issued during the summer.

If you are a student arriving from an international location and you wish to book  a temporary 14 night stay night in UCD on-campus residences, to facilitate restricted movement, click here and follow the on-screen prompts. Please note this stay costs  €574 and is calculated at €41 per day. There is also a How to book a 14-day stay at UCD guide.

UCD Residence does not provide masks, gloves or individual sanitizer to residents.

CAO and returning students choose their own room when booking. If you wish to share with a friend you will need to coordinate trying to book the same apartment online.  An important part of living on campus accommodation is in making new friends and acquaintances. Please note your room choice may be affected if returning from abroad.

Residents who choose to travel during the license period (for example at Christmas break) will have to be aware of current travel advisories at the time, and that Government advice is being reviewed on an ongoing basis and may change during their trip. 

Should travel advice require one to restrict their movements upon returning from a trip during the license period a resident may be required to self-isolate off campus before returning to UCD Residences.  This is dependent on advice at the time from the HSE and Irish Government.

Should You cancel your booking within 24 hours of making a booking You will be refunded your Deposit in full. Should You cancel your booking after 24 hours of booking but prior to the commencement of your Period of Residence You will be refunded your Deposit less an administrative charge of €50.

Should the refund policy be updated in the future residents who have confirmed their booking will be informed.

Please view the Cancellation Policy here.

Should You cancel your booking within 24 hours of making a booking You will be refunded your Deposit in full. Should You cancel your booking after 24 hours of booking but prior to the commencement of your Period of Residence You will be refunded your Deposit less an administrative charge of €50.

Should the refund policy be updated in the future residents who have confirmed their booking will be informed.

Please view the Cancellation Policy here.

Your fee is due from the 10th September 2020.  Should you develop symptoms and medical advice is that you self-isolate, UCD has set aside a number of apartments where this can be facilitated at no extra cost to your license fee already paid.

Due to current health advice transfers within campus accommodation this year will not be permitted. In extenuating circumstances UCD Residences may move students within residences at its discretion.