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Check In

We look forward to welcoming you to your new UCD Home!  UCD offers you not only a high quality housing package, but a warm and friendly environment to live in whilst studying. 

During the month prior to your arrival we will be sending you further information on what you will need for arrivals, however we would like to take this initial opportunity to detail a few key steps you will need to follow before arrival so please read the information on the links below thoroughly.

Please be advised that the official method of communication that the University contacts students through is your UCD connect email so you should ensure to activate and check this account for important correspondence from residences and the University.

Your accommodation will be available for you to check in from 12.00 noon on the date your licence to reside commences.

To view your booking or licence to reside please log on to your account through SIS web 

Log into your SISweb Portal account using your UCD ID (Student Number) and your 
Password/PIN which is by default your Date of Birth in the form DDMMYY.

Your Residences menu is located in the Campus Facilites tab at the top of the page.


Pre Arrival

Before arriving at UCD you need to complete a number of tasks including:

1. Complete our online induction course (if you have not already done so this year);

2. Confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions of the Licence to Reside;

3. Pay in full any residential charges that are due on or before the first day of occupancy; 

4. Upload an ID photo for your student card (Ucard) (if you have not already done so);

You can do all these tasks in your SIS web 


Check in Procedures

Useful Information for Residents Leaflet 2016-17‌‌

Guide to Living on Campus 2016-2017


Blackrock Specific information

Blackrock Information Leaflet 


Inventory Check List

You can view the inventory provided in your accommodation via the residences menu in SIS web

Once you have checked in you will be asked to review and submit a Inventory Check List to confirm content and the condition of the inventory provided in your apartment. We ask you to do this as there are deductions from your deposit if there are items missing or damaged once you leave. If you do not submit the check list the inventory record will be as per our record.

- What is this Inventory Check List -Information

- What do I have to do Inventory Check List- How do I Submit this