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Check Out

At the end of the licence period residents must check out of their room and return their keys by 12 noon on the last day of their licence. The Merville Office is open 24/7 for checkouts. 

In order to ensure that we can check you out properly we would ask that you let us know in advance when you will be leaving by emailing your name, student number, the date and time of your departure, and your residence address to residences@ucd.ie. If you wish to prebook your inventory survey time please include this in your email. 

This is particularly important in Blackrock where there are clinic hours.

Failure to check out in person will incur a €50 charge which will be deducted from your deposit.

Please see below for details on the condition it is expected your accommodation will be left.

If you check out between the hours of 08:00 and 19:00, a member of staff can accompany you and fill out an inventory survey in your presence. The inventory survey must be prebooked via email at residences@ucd.ie

If you check out after 19:00 the survey will be completed as soon as possible after you leave.

This survey will note that all items are in situ and that the room/apartment has been cleaned and any damages that may have been caused by resident.

This survey is tallied with the inventory survey completed on check in and any deductions from the deposit will be based on any discrepancies.

Residents who do not follow the official check out procedures will face a fine or a charge for lost keys.

Once the check out and resulting paperwork has been completed the Residences Services Team will notify the financial administrator of any deductions to be taken from residents deposit. The financial administrator will then process the deposit refunded if applicable and an email will be sent to the resident’s UCD email informing them that the refund is due and requesting that they input their bank details.


Residents need to ensure the following items are completed before departing:

  • Leave your room and bathroom (if applicable) in an impeccably clean and hygienic condition. Don’t forget to include the floors, desk, mirror, wardrobe and wash hand basin.
  • All rubbish (including duvet, pillow and food stuffs) should be brought to the appropriate recycling receptacle. Please leave the mattress protectors on your bed. No waste should be left inside the apartments or in the common areas of the building as it will be checked after you have departed and fines will result. Remember to use the skips provided and the recycling bins throughout the residence when you are emptying your apartment.
  • Waste dumped in communal areas will result in fines.
  • Clean your assigned kitchen space including cupboards and fridges and ensure that the living area is clean and tidy.