SBBS endeavours to provide a flexible working environment for all its staff. The School encourages flexible working within the context of core business hours (10:00-16:00) and endeavours to meet the needs of staff and faculty as much as possible.  

There are a range of flexible working and leave options available to staff in UCD, including a Flexi-time system for Administrative Staff - see The UCD Career Break Policy allows faculty and staff to take extended periods of unpaid time away from work - UCD also has a Shorter Working Year scheme allowing staff and faculty to balance their working arrangements with outside commitments, such as children’s summer holidays, with up to 13 consecutive weeks available as unpaid leave - see for details.

In addition, SBBS is committed to supporting flexible working and will review individual staff and faculty members' flexible working needs on a case-by-case basis.

Family friendly Policies

Below you will find outlined some of UCD's family friendly policies. However, please consult the appropriate HR resources for full details,

Maternity Leave

Female Employees are entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave, at least two of which must be taken before the birth and four of which must be taken after the birth. Please see UCD HR’s brief summary of the steps you need to take to apply for maternity leave at You will also find the forms required to make the application and a detailed policy outlining your entitlement.

SBBS offers additional supports to female staff in advance of going on maternity leave, including flexible scheduling and accommodation for attending antenatal appointments/classes. The School also assists those returning from maternity leave to re-acclimatise and catch up with their priorities. These supports will differ from person to person, and in all cases must be agreed on with your line manager and Head of School.

Undergraduate students are normally granted a period of one year’s leave of absence from their program for the purposes of maternity leave, but this can be shorter or longer at the student’s request (See UCD’s Leave of Absence Policy at

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave is available to all part-time and full-time employees in the employment of UCD (See UCD’s Paternity Policy section 2).  You can learn more about the policy and the steps involved at

Parental Leave

Parental leave is available to employees who are natural or adoptive parents, and also extends to persons acting in loco parentis in respect of an eligible child. For information on applying for parental leave, see UCD HR’s step-by-step guide and read the Parental Leave Policy at

Carer’s Leave

Carer’s Leave provides for an employee to take a temporary leave of absence to provide full-time care and attention to a person requiring it. Carer’s leave is available to all UCD employees who have completed one year’s continuous service subject to meeting specific criteria as outlined in the college Carer’s Leave Policy at

 Adoptive Leave

Under the Adoptive Leave Act 2005, adoptive parents may avail of adoptive leave from employment except in the case where a male is the sole adopter. Details of entitlements and procedural steps may be found at