The Amgen Biotech Experience 2020

This year's Amgen Biotech Experience has had to adapt, like so many things, to the COVID-19 restrictions. SBI's Síle Lane, project coordinator for ABE Ireland and public engagement in research officer, writes about the challenges and opportunities 2020 has presented the programme.

13 November, 2020 Read More

Supporting Breast Cancer Research Through #SBITEamStepChallenge

This year, SBI is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a 200,000 step challenge. Read all about it and learn how you can spread the word and donate to the Irish Cancer Society.

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My genome, our genome, whose genome? A reflection with a bit of history

This month, SBI Director, Prof. Walter Kolch, writes of human genome sequencing and opens discussion to the grand challenges and broader possibilities of sharing genome sequences with the world.

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Notes on a Pandemic from a Clinician Scientist

Dr Éilis Dockry was a recent clinical research intern with the Bond Group, but she spent several months immediately preceding as a front-line staff member in The Mater Hospital. She writes about her first-hand experience with COVID-19 here.

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Cycling: the miracle pill against cancer?

Postdoctoral scholar Niall Quinn (Ryan Group) writes about the benefits of cycling and how he believes it can mitigate against some of the risk factors of developing cancer.

18 June, 2020 Read More

Perspectives on setting up a Research Consortium before and during a global pandemic

Senior Research Administrator Shauna Byrne writes about her experience on the Precision Oncology Ireland team at SBI as they continue to build the programme, even in the midst of the COVID-19 crises.

22 May, 2020 Read More

Melanocytes: The good, the bad, and the 'surprising'

Group Leader Christina Kiel discusses melanocytes and their relevance to skin cancer. May is Melanoma Awareness Month.

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What if it had been COVID-90?

SBI's Maryann Kelly looks into the past and asks the question, how would we have coped in science and at home if COVID-19 had struck 30 years ago?

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In-Vitro Monitoring of Endothelial-Specific Immune Reactions Post Transplant

Our first ever comic-format blog entry from the multi-talented Eissner Group.

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Systems Biology: Using Computers to Kill Cancer Cells

PhD student Stephanie McKenna (Gomez/Fey Groups) gives a colourful lay explanation of a manuscript currently under review entitled ‘BAX and SMAC Regulate Bistable Properties of the Apoptotic Caspase System’.

07 February, 2020 Read More

A Drug by Any Other Name

Postdoctoral scholar Luke Jones (Bond Group) gives a brief history on drugs and the intricacies of how they are named.

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The Potential of Precision Oncology

Precision Oncology Ireland (POI), a consortium of 5 Irish academic institutions, 6 Irish Charities and 10 international companies with one goal: to deliver precision approaches to cancer research so that diagnosis and treatment become more precise and tailored to each individual patient.

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‘Spare tire genes’ explain why some genes can be lost by cancer cells

Surprisingly, the majority of human genes can be mutated or deleted in cancer cells without killing the cells. This observation raises a number of questions: which genes can be lost in cancer cells, and why? PhD student Barbara De Kegel (Ryan Group) addresses these questions in a recent publication.

27 November, 2019 Read More

Improbable Science or How to Have Fun With Research.

Following the Nobel Prize announcements in October, PhD student Philipp Junk (Kiel Group) writes about another form of scientific novelty - the Ig Nobel Prizes. From magnetized cockroaches to the saliva volume of a 5 year-old, the weird and wonderful side of science is alive and well.

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Coming Up for Air

Prof. Cormac Taylor discusses intellectual burnout and the benefits of a well-timed sabbatical in the course of an academic career.

14 October, 2019 Read More

Researchers Enjoy FEBS Summer School in Spetses

PhD student Stephanie McKenna (Gomez/Fey groups) writes about her experience with two other SBI students at the FEBS 'Molecular Mechanisms in Signal Transduction and Cancer' Summer School last month in Spetses, Greece.

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In this week's blog post, Professor Walter Kolch reflects on the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing and how it relates to cancer research and systems biology.

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The French Connection at SBI: A Bastille Day special

Monsieur le Professeur Jonathan Bond takes an in-depth look at the French side of SBI.

12 July, 2019 Read More

Modeling Treatments for RAS- and RAF-mutant Cancers

Cancers, particularly melanomas, bearing oncogenic NRAS and HRAS mutations are currently considered undruggable.

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Haematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT): What We Can Do to Fight Complications

PhD student Simeng Li writes about the Eissner Group's aim to quantify the risk of endothelial damage for individual donor-recipient pairs in a paediatric cohort of patients.

17 June, 2019 Read More

Working in systems biology: how I reconciled my first love of mathematics with my experience in biology

PhD student Laura Tuffery gives a personal account of the factors that led her to became a researcher at Systems Biology Ireland.

04 June, 2019 Read More

Learning how to navigate.

Using classical systems biology methods, the Fey group has developed a study that suggests animals use important landmarks as signposts in learning direction and distance information.

16 May, 2019 Read More

Ebhardt Group Updates

Dr Ebhardt has been involved in multiple studies with a focus on pharmacological interventions in prostate cancer.

15 April, 2019 Read More

Patient and Public Involvement Offers Insightful Experience for Researchers

SBI postdoc Niamh O'Driscoll explains how patient and public involvement (PPI) has impacted her research as she works to solve difficult problems in ovarian cancer therapies.

01 April, 2019 Read More

Personalised nutrition in Elderly

MSCA TOPMed10 fellowship - Research by Dr. Caoileann Murphy

08 November, 2018 Read More

Investigating the interplay of Epigenetics and Cancer Signalling in acquired Drug Resistance in Melanoma

MSCA TOPMed10 fellowship - Research by Dr. Ariane Watson

15 August, 2018 Read More

Overcoming resistance of RAS-mutant cells to RAF inhibitors by combining structurally different inhibitors can open new strides in targeted therapy.

Malignant melanoma is a skin cancer primarily caused by UV exposure. Due to its tendency to spread rapidly and its resistance to drugs, melanomas rank among the deadliest cancers.

25 July, 2018 Read More

New Prognostic Marker in Childhood and Adolescent Leukaemia

Prof. Jonathan Bond discusses his recent work published in the academic journal, "Leukemia".

17 July, 2018 Read More

SBI Deputy Director Boris Kholodenko Elected to Royal Irish Academy

Prof. Boris Kholodenko is among 28 new members who were welcomed to the Royal Irish Academy on Friday, the 25th May, 2018.

20 June, 2018 Read More

Melanoma Awareness Event May 14th, 2018

Monday 14th May 2018 marked the first Skin Cancer Awareness Event at UCD.

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Minister Bruton Announces Expansion of Amgen Biotech Experience

Over 13,500 secondary school students are to benefit from a biotechnology hands-on lab experience over the next three years, after the Amgen Foundation announced an expansion of its Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) progamme in partnership with University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin City University

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SBI Wins Research Lab of the Year 2018

Systems Biology Ireland won "Research Laboratory of the Year" recently at the Irish Laboratory Awards 2018.

25 April, 2018 Read More

Leukaemia Researcher Jonathan Bond Joins SBI as UCD 'Brendan McGonnell' Professor of Paediatric Molecular Haemato-Oncology

Professor Jonathan Bond has recently started at SBI as the UCD Brendan Mc Gonnell Professor of Paediatric Molecular Haemato-Oncology.

05 April, 2018 Read More

SBI Researchers Present New Research at Irish Association of Cancer Research (IACR) Conference 2018

The 54th IACR conference in Dublin in February 2018 saw a gathering of the frontiers of cancer research both from Ireland and internationally. SBI was strongly represented by researchers of various career stages...

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Systems Biology Ireland to Bring the Power of Systems Medicine to Colorectal Cancer Patients

Researchers from Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) are participating in a EURO6 million international study called COLOSSUS to harness the power of systems biomedicine, network analysis and mathematical modelling to improve treatments for colorectal cancer patients.

30 March, 2018 Read More

President Higgins Honours SFI President of Ireland Future Research Leaders Awardees

President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, honoured the recipients of the SFI President of Ireland Future Research Leaders Award, including SBI's Dr. Christina Kiel, at a special ceremony in Áras an Uachtaráin in Dublin recently.

07 February, 2018 Read More

eCancer Interview with Walter Kolch from EAPM 2017 Conference

SBI Director Walter Kolch recently spoke with eCancer while attending the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress in Belfast.

05 January, 2018 Read More

UCD Breast Health Day 2017

Tuesday 24th October marked the third annual UCD Breast Health Day. The event was organized by SBI with help from colleagues from UCD Conway Institute, BREAST-PREDICT, UCD Nutrition Society, One Health UCD, UCD PharmTox Society and Europa Donna Ireland.

05 December, 2017 Read More

Uncovering How the Machinery of Life is Rewired in Breast Cancer

In our latest study we examined how the activity of these protein complexes is altered in breast cancer and in particular how the mutations that occur in breast cancers might influence how these molecular machines function.

06 November, 2017 Read More

Interpreting Genomes and Genome Functions: SBI-EMBL Scientific Meeting 2017

Systems Biology Ireland was delighted to welcome colleagues from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Europe's flagship laboratory for the life sciences, to a joint scientific meeting on ‘Interpreting Genomes and Genome Functions’, 11-12 September 2017.

14 September, 2017 Read More

Awards Success for SBI

A busy day at two awards ceremonies at the Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin saw SBI receive recognition for its education, outreach and collaborative activities.

26 May, 2017 Read More

Teacher Recognition Awards for Bringing Amgen Biotech Experience Into the Classroom

Two teachers from secondary schools in Dublin and Donegal have received teacher recognition awards at a ceremony in University College Dublin for their involvement in a science education initiative, the Amgen Biotech Experience.

11 May, 2017 Read More

Improving Cancer Treatment Using Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis

One in ten women in Ireland will develop breast cancer at some stage of their lives. In a recent project, we focused on Lapatinib, a commonly used drug for treating breast cancer.

09 May, 2017 Read More

Why March for Science?

The March for Science took place on the 22nd April, 2017, in over 600 cities around the world. SBI's Dirk Fey talks about what the day meant to those marching in Dublin.

28 April, 2017 Read More

Patient Voice in Cancer Research III

More than 100 cancer survivors and their families joined health care professionals, researchers, patient advocates, funding agencies and charity groups at an open forum in UCD on April 12th organised by SBI, Conway Institute and BREAST-PREDICT.

13 April, 2017 Read More

SBI Welcomes Two New Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellows

SBI is pleased to announce the awarding of prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships to Dr Ariane Watson and Dr Oleksii Rukhlenko. These highly competitive awards support experienced researchers in their research training and career development.

21 April, 2017 Read More

St. Patrick's Festival -- A Multi-Coloured Scientific Experience

The Amgen Biotech Experience team from SBI joined the vibrant street carnival of Dublin's St Patrick's Festival Big Day Out on 17 March 2017, alongside street theatre, music, aerial performances, workshops, crafts and Irish language.

19 March, 2017 Read More

SBI at the Irish Association for Cancer Research Meeting

A group from SBI attended the 2017 Irish Association for Cancer Research (IACR) meeting in Kilkenny.

27 February, 2017 Read More

Developing Predictive Models of a Complex System Without Fully Knowing Its Inner Mechanisms

Complex systems emerge from dynamic interactions of many entities which influence each others' activities. In living cells thousands of genes and proteins interact with each other in a space, time and context dependent manner. A complete blueprint of these interactions are often unavailable.

05 December, 2016 Read More

SBI Hosts Ireland's First EMBO Leadership Workshop

SBI was delighted to co-organise a three-day 'Art of Leadership' workshop with UCD HR Learning & Development and in conjunction with the European Molecular Biology Organization(EMBO).

21 November, 2016 Read More

Pioneering Systems Biologist Awarded UCD Ulysses Medal

University College Dublin’s highest honour, the UCD Ulysses Medal has been bestowed on Dr Lee Hood in recognition of his outstanding contributions to science. UCD Deputy President and Registrar, Professor Mark Rogers presented the award at the 2016 UCD Conway Festival of Research & Innovation.

15 September, 2016 Read More

SBI Director Walter Kolch Elected to Royal Irish Academy

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in science, Professor Walter Kolch, Director of Systems Biology Ireland, has been elected to the ranks of the Royal Irish Academy. Election to membership of the Royal Irish Academy is the highest academic honour in Ireland.

30 May, 2016 Read More

Genetic Screening of Cancer Cell Lines to Identify New Targeted Treatments

One of the goals of personalised cancer therapeutics is to develop approaches that specifically kill tumour cells without harming healthy cells. A feature of tumour cells that we can exploit is the changes in their DNA that distinguish them from healthy cells.

23 May, 2016 Read More

SBI Hosts Irish Scientists for First ELIXIR Ireland Stakeholder Meeting

Bioinformaticians, biologists and computer scientists from some of Ireland’s leading research centres and third level institutions met with colleagues from Science Foundation Ireland, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and ELIXIR on 17 May in Systems Biology Ireland.

19 May, 2016 Read More

Health Founder's Kieran Daly on Life Choices and Healthcare

In a fascinating and honest talk last week for The Art Of The Start, Kieran Daly gave us a glimpse of his incredibly interesting career journey.

01 November, 2013 Read More

SBI's Cormac Taylor to Receive Prestigious US Award

The American Physiological Society (APS) has announced that Professor Cormac Taylor, a leading UCD research and PI at SBI, is to be presented with the 2017 Takeda Distinguished Research Award by the Society’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology Section.

18 May, 2016 Read More

Adapting to Life at Low Oxygen

New research from SBI recently published in Cell Reports elucidates the role of hydroxylases in regulating signalling pathway.

11 March, 2016 Read More

US Cancer 'Moonshot' Initiative: A Cancer Scientist's Perspective

In this short video, SBI research fellow Dirk Fey discusses the new US cancer 'moonshot', an initiative announced by Barack Obama in his State of the Union address in January 2016.

21 January, 2016 Read More

Personalised Modelling Predicts Neuroblastoma Survival

New research just published by a team led by scientists from Systems Biology Ireland (SBI), University College Dublin (UCD), has shown for the first time a computationally derived cancer biomarker outperforming classical biomarkers.

07 January, 2016 Read More

Timing Matters: Pulses of EGF Hormone Trick Cells Into Becoming Neurons

The research highlights the importance of interdisciplinary research where high quality experimental data enable development of predictive mathematical models, which in turn help to reveal salient features of the living system and to suggest experiments with interesting outcomes.

10 December, 2015 Read More

2 + 4 = 6 , 4 + 2 = 7?

Researchers at UCD have recently found that order matters a surprising amount for sequence alignment, an important part of modern genetic analyses.

25 November, 2015 Read More

Students from Across Ireland Present Their Research in 'Thesis in 3' National Final

The Thesis in 3 National Final returned to the Sugar Club in Dublin on Wednesday 4th November with a fascinating array of STEM research from across Ireland.

10 November, 2015 Read More

Ireland Announced as ELIXIR's Newest Observer Country

It was announced yesterday that Ireland has become the newest Observer country for ELIXIR, the European Research Infrastructure for biological information.

03 November, 2015 Read More

SBI Opens Its Doors for Breast Health Day

The 15th October 2015 is Breast Health Day and, in conjunction with our colleagues in UCD Conway Institute and BREAST-PREDICT, we are opening our doors to women who have had a cancer diagnosis and their family & friends.

06 October, 2015 Read More

Delivering Research Experiences to Irish Classrooms

Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) are now offering training in molecular biology experiments for secondary school teachers at locations in University College Dublin and Dublin City University during October.

30 September, 2015 Read More

SBI's Melinda Halasz Wins 2015 Conway Festival Gold Medal

Dr Melinda Halasz and Dr Alison Reynolds are joint winners of the 2015 UCD Conway gold medal for their respective research projects to find new treatment approaches in a highly aggressive childhood cancer and in a condition that can lead to blindness.

17 September, 2015 Read More

SBI's Amgen Biotech Experience Programme Announced as Part of €600,000 Investment in Science Education in Ireland

The Amgen Teach and Amgen Biotech Experience programmes were announced, together with details of the Amgen Scholars 2015 Ireland recipients, at an event to mark the opening of the new $300 million Amgen facility in Dun Laoghaire.

25 August, 2015 Read More

Success Stories in Systems Biology

Success stories in systems biology is a new publication produced by SBI as part of the EU FP7 Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE) project.

27 July, 2015 Read More

SBI Researchers Attend Inaugural Systems Medicine Summer School

SBI PhD students Elena Nikonova and Alba Tourino travelled in June to the Stockholm archipelago for a new systems medicine training initiative developed through the Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM) programme

15 July, 2015 Read More

World's Premier Computational Biology Conference Comes to Dublin

The World’s Premier Conference on Computational Biology, ISMB/ECCB 2015, comes to Dublin this July with over 1500 scientists expected to attend. Honorary chair Prof. Des Higgins (Systems Biology Ireland and UCD Conway Institute) explains what the conference is about in a short video.

09 July, 2015 Read More

SBI Director Walter Kolch Awarded €2.3M for Melanoma Research

Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, Damien English TD announced over €30 million of research funding for 23 major research projects, including €2.3 million for a melanoma project led by SBI Director Prof. Walter Kolch.

29 April, 2015 Read More

Mathematical Methods in Systems Biology Workshop

SBI is delighted to co-organise and co-sponsor this year's Mathematical Methods in Systems Biology International Workshop.

14 June, 2015 Read More

Getting to the Pint of Science

The annual Pint of Science Festival took place from the 18th-20th May and it has grown significantly since it first reached Irish shores last year.

21 May, 2015 Read More

Ground-Breaking Genome Project Set to Revolutionise Cancer Care

As thousands of NHS patients in Britain are being invited to donate their DNA as part of the 100,000 Genome Project, SBI PhD researcher Carolanne Doherty asks Walter Kolch, Director of SBI, what the implications of this initiative are for Irish healthcare.

04 August, 2014 Read More

UK Charity Awards Alex Von Kriegsheim £200,000 to Study Role of Small Protein In the Development of Breast Cancer

UK cancer research charity Breast Cancer Campaign announced that SBI Research Fellow Dr Alex von Kriegsheim has been awarded a grant of £200,000 to study the role played by a small protein in breast cancer metastasis.

31 July, 2014 Read More

Alex Von Kriegsheim Awarded SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant for €500K Bowel Cancer Project

Research Fellow Dr Alex von Kriegsheim was awarded a SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant as part of €23 million in new funding announced by Minister for Research and Innovation and given to 40 of Ireland’s most promising young research talent.

09 July, 2014 Read More

Des Higgins Features in List of World's Most Influential Scientists

Prof. Des Higgins, Professor of Bioinformatics at the UCD Conway Institute and Principal Investigator at Systems Biology Ireland, has been featured in Thomson Reuters’ list of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014.

01 July, 2014 Read More

Jekyll & Hyde Protein Signalling

Whether a cell lives or dies is determined by complex protein networks within the body. Researchers in Systems Biology Ireland and UCD Conway Institute have uncovered how these opposing biological functions are regulated by the same elements in protein networks.

23 June, 2014 Read More

SBI and EMBL: Exploring Collaborations to Address Big Challenges in Biology

SBI was delighted to welcome distinguished colleagues from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), one of the world’s leading research institutions, in a one-day joint scientific workshop to explore opportunities for future collaborative projects on Monday, 16 June 2014 at UCD.

19 June, 2014 Read More

Colm Ryan Awarded Prestigious Biomedical Fellowship by Wellcome Trust

Dr Colm J. Ryan has been awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship worth €300,000 over four years to work in SBI. Dr Ryan will be the first recipient of this prestigious award, funded under the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Partnership, to be hosted in an Irish laboratory.

17 June, 2014 Read More

New Guide to Data Interpretation

SBI Deputy Director Prof Boris Kholodenko and team have have created a step-by-step guide to help scientists choose the most appropriate normalisation strategy for their particular study.

17 June, 2014 Read More

The Art of the Start Student Pitch Competition

On Tues, April 28, the students pursuing the MSc in Biotechnology and the MSc in Biotechnology & Business from the School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science (SBBS) taught Masters Programmes assembled to deliver their final elevator pitches as part of their Professional Career Development module.

01 May, 2014 Read More

102nd European Study Group With Industry to be Hosted by University College Dublin

ESGI are week-long problem-solving workshops which provide a unique opportunity for interaction between mathematicians, scientists and industry.

12 March, 2014 Read More

Jan Rosier the Art of the Start

On Wednesday the 19th of February, Professor Jan Rosier gave a comprehensive yet succinct overview of five key theories of management that every founder of a life science and healthcare venture should know.

05 March, 2014 Read More

Helen McBreen at the Art of the Start

‘The Art of the Start‘ was delighted to welcome guest speaker Dr Helen McBreen, Commercial Development Leader at NDRC, on Wednesday, 26th of February. Helen currently leads the NDRC’s efforts in finding new investment opportunities for NDRC VentureLab.

28 February, 2014 Read More

Bill Liao - Open Source Synthetic Biology

Bill Liao on his recent visit to SBI drew comparisons between the early years of computers and the current convergence of biology and technology.

13 February, 2014 Read More

John Boland - Speaking Industry's Language

In this latest instalment of “The Art Of The Start”, Prof. John Boland, former Director of CRANN, joined us to share his insights in to how to upscale your institute and tailoring an approach to suit industrial needs.

05 February, 2014 Read More

SBI Principal Investigators Launch Ireland's First Centre for Stem Cell Manufacture in NUI Galway

The Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland (CCMI) was launched at NUI Galway today. It is the first facility in Ireland to receive a licence from the Irish Medicines Board to manufacture culture-expanded stem cells for human use.

27 January, 2014 Read More

SBI Welcomes Bio-Innovators to Dublin to Launch New Facilities

Today, Minister for Research and Innovation, Seán Sherlock TD together with two leading innovators in health research were in Dublin to help launch a new state of the art research facility for Systems Biology Ireland and highlight the possible upcoming breakthroughs in personalised medicine.

05 December, 2013 Read More

An Irish Drug Development Story

In this latest installment of “The Art Of The Start”, Darren Cunningham, CEO of Inflection Biosciences, joined us to share details of the trials and tribulations that he and his team have encountered to date in their start-up journey.

22 November, 2013 Read More

New Research Aims to Hit Inflammation in the Guts

This new study, led by Prof Cormac Taylor, Dr Eoin Cummins and Dr Carsten Scholz and published in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that hydroxylase inhibitors work by blocking a key pro-inflammatory pathway termed the IL-1 pathway; a key driver of inflammation.

19 November, 2013 Read More

Science in the News: Antibiotic Resistance

Recent research has highlighted the grave medical, environmental and social consequences of antibiotic resistance. The research features in a paper, 'Antibiotic resistance–the need for global solutions', that was published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

19 November, 2013 Read More

What Do Airlines and Systems Biology Have in Common?

Dave O’ Flanagan, CEO and co-founder of Boxever came to the Conway share some of the experiences that he and his team have had during their start-up journey.

02 November, 2013 Read More

Pure Gold from Local Presentation Guru

The latest instalment of The Art Of The Start (TAOTS) featured our local hero and Clearpreso co-founder Ed Fidgeon-Kavanagh.

02 November, 2013 Read More