Jan Rosier the Art of the Start

Written by: David Kavanagh
Written on: Wednesday, 05 March, 2014

On Wednesday the 19th of February, Professor Jan Rosier gave a comprehensive yet succinct overview of five key theories of management that every founder of a life science and healthcare venture should know. Prior to his work at Harvard and MIT, Jan obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Ghent University. He later went on to become vice president of drug development at Johnson & Johnson and was awarded the Johnson & Johnson Leadership Award for outstanding and exceptional contribution to the development of PREZISTA® and INTELENCE® for the treatment of AIDS. In 2009, he became Chief Executive Officer of FORMAC Pharmaceuticals NV, a high technology drug delivery spin-off from the University of Leuven that uses silica based technology to increase the performance of drugs. Jan has extensive experience in attracting venture capital for high-risk academic spin-off biotech firms. He is author of 'New Drug Development', a book that will be published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2013.

Currently the Elan Chair of Business of Biotechnology at UCD, Jan has a particular research interest in the role of leadership at R&D focused life science companies. In this seminar, Jan outlines and explains 5 management theories and how these theories can be applied in start-up environments. These theories include:

  • Sigalling theory
  • Agency theory (principal agent theory)
  • Pecking order theory
  • Intellectual capital theory
  • Resource based theory