102nd European Study Group With Industry to be Hosted by University College Dublin

Written by: Philip Smyth
Written on: Wednesday, 12 March, 2014

ESGI are week-long problem-solving workshops which provide a unique opportunity for interaction between mathematicians, scientists and industry. They bring together leading mathematicians from a wide range of backgrounds to work intensively on real-world problems. We expect to be able to accommodate 4-8 industry problems, which will be tackled by 40-80 academics ranging from PhD students to professors. Originating in Oxford in 1968, ESGI have since been held several times a year across Europe, and were first brought to Ireland by MACSI in 2008.

The format of the workshop is as follows:
Day 1: Industry representatives present their problems to the academics and students
Days 1.5 - 4: Academics and students work with industry representatives to solve their problems
Day 5: Academics present their final results
Follow-up: A few weeks after the study group, a report describing in detail the work of each group is written and given to the corresponding industrial partner.

Company representatives, academics and students interested in participating or receiving further information are invited to visit our ESGI102 web page:

Link to a list of past problems on the Maths in Industry website:

The 102nd European Study Group with Industry will be hosted by University College Dublin, Ireland, 30th June - 4th July 2014.