Group Members

Giorgio Oliviero
Group Leader

About the Group

It is my belief that mass spectrometry represents the present and future of scientific research. I am particularly skilled at adapting existing analytical workflows to new mass spectrometry technologies as they become available.

Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics has become a powerful technology for the identification and quantification of thousands of proteins. As techniques and instruments have improved, comprehensive proteome studies now are beginning to capture accurate qualitative and compositional (post-translational modification) information at an unprecedented scale. The development of more sensitive instruments is a constant driving focus in the research, with the aim of achieving high precision and accuracy of peptide identifications and quantifications.

The scientific theme of my current work has been to map the protein networks underlying epigenetic phenomena associated with cancer and development and latterly, the specific adaptations of cancer with the aging process, in order to understand diseases involving multiple components, network approaches that incorporate knowledge of the relationships between genes, proteins and metabolites.