Kiel Group


Group Members

Christina Kiel
Associate Professor
Cian D'Arcy
Ph.D. Student, Kiel/Halasz Groups
Philipp Junk
Ph.D. Student, Kiel Group

*Christina Kiel has moved to the Department of Molecular Medicine at University of Pavia, Italy.*


About the Group

What we do 

Proteins are the key molecules in cells and tissues. Their levels, activities and interactions with other molecules (into networks) ensures that normal developmental and cellular/tissue homeostasis processes take place. Consequently, network-centric approaches to molecular medicine consider human diseases as the consequence of perturbations of these protein (and ultimately signalling, transcriptional, and metabolic) networks. Dr Kiel’s research takes proteins to the centre stage. The focus lies on understanding - in a systems and quantitative fashion - how missense disease mutations affect protein abundances, catalytic activities, and their interaction with partner proteins and other molecules. Combined complementary computational and experimental approaches are used in the different research projects.  


Recent publications 

HOMELETTE: a unified interface to homology modelling software
Junk P, Kiel C.
Bioinformatics 2021

Cell Adhesion Molecules in Normal Skin and Melanoma.
D'Arcy C, Kiel C.
Biomolecules 11(8):1213 (2021).

Engineering of Biological Pathways: Complex Formation and Signal Transduction. 
Junk P, Kiel C. 
Methods Mol Biol 2315:59-70 (2021).

Signaling pathways in intestinal homeostasis and colorectal cancer: KRAS at centre stage.
Ternet C, Kiel C. 
Cell Commun Signal 19(1):31 (2021)

Predicted 'wiring landscape' of Ras-effector interactions in 29 human tissues.
Catozzi S, Halasz M, Kiel C.  
NPJ Syst Biol Appl 7(1):10 (2021)
The Ins and Outs of RAS Effector Complexes.
Kiel C, Matallanas D, Kolch W.  
Biomolecules 11(2):236 (2021)
SnapShot: APC/T Cell Immune Checkpoints.
Shrager SH, Kiel C.   
Cell 183(4):1142-1142.e1 (2020)

Combining Gene-Disease Associations with Single-Cell Gene Expression Data Provides Anatomy-Specific Subnetworks in Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
Luthert PJ, Kiel C.  
Netw Syst Med 3(1):105-121 (2020)
Analysis of Ras-effector interaction competition in large intestine and colorectal cancer context.
Ibáňez Gaspar V, Catozzi S, Ternet C, Luthert PJ, Kiel C.   
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Repository of proposed pathways and protein-protein interaction networks in age-related macular degeneration.
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