UCD Science Elective Spotlight

Electives offer a wonderful opportunity to sample modules from across the university. The list below is a spotlight on some electives modules that may be of interest to UCD Science, Computer Science and Actuarial & Financial Studies students. 

Discipline Suggested Module(s)

BIOL10140 Life on Earth

BIOL10110 Cell Biology & Genetics


DSCY10020 Science Revolutions

SCI30030 Art Science Collaboration

PHYC10050 Astronomy & Space Science

PHYC10070 Foundations of Physics

PHYC10080 Frontiers of Physics

Computer Science

COMP10010 Introduction to Programming I

COMP10020 Introduction to Programming II

COMP20030 Web Design


STAT10050 Practical Statistics

STAT10060 Statistical Modelling

Earth Science

GEOL10040 Earth, Environment and Society

GEOL10050 Earth and Humanity

GEOL10060 Introduction to Earth Sciences

GEOL20110 Global Environmental Change (Online module with no previous knowledge of these topics assumed)
General Modules

SCI10040 Prepare for your Future Career
SCI10050 Club Management
SCI20030 Community Volunteering and Leadership
SCI20020 Introduction to Project Management
SCI30040 Creativity in Science and Art
HIS20780 History of Science


Check out the helpful hints in this You Tube video from UCD Registry on choosing your Elective modules in University College Dublin.

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