Extenuating Circumstances


If you experience difficulties which have caused you to miss a substantial number of lectures, have significantly affected your ability to study or complete assessments (continuous assessment and/or examinations) or have adversely affected your performance in any assessments you have undertaken, your circumstances can be taken into account, for example by providing the opportunity to resit or repeat the module without academic or financial penalty. Typically such unforeseen circumstances could include events like an accident, a crime, family bereavement, serious illness or other serious personal or emotional circumstances.

Whatever the circumstances affecting you, you should seek advice from a member of academic staff, astudent support professional, a Science Office staff member or the Students’ Union support staff. From an academic perspective, if your circumstances are straightforward and easily documented with a medical certificate (e.g. short illness or minor injury), you should first contact the module coordinator and ask whether your circumstances can be taken into account by them.  There are remedies for short absences that can be implemented quickly during the teaching term if the module coordinator is aware of the absence. If your circumstances are more personal or complex or if the module coordinator advises you to, you should submit an application for extenuating circumstances via the online system.

The online system can be accessed through your online registration under the ‘Programme Services’ tab. When you complete the application form online you are required to submit hard copies of the appropriate original supporting evidence to the Science Office as close as possible to the time the circumstances occurred and within 10 working days of the documented period affected. The final deadline for submission of the online form and supporting documentation in relation to end of semester examinations is 5 working days after the end of the relevant semester examination period and applications received after this deadline will not normally be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that an application and supporting documentation are submitted to the Science Office within the permitted timeframe. Applications marked as ‘Awaiting Evidence’ are not considered to be submitted until the supporting documentation is presented to the Science Office.

Please note that medical certificates, which must be on stamped headed notepaper, should state the dates that you were unfit/unable to attend university or that your performance or ability to perform may have been affected. It should also be noted that supporting documentation must be consistent with the application in terms of matters such as dates, circumstances, etc. The Science Taught Programme Board reserves the right to reject any application where there are discrepancies between the supporting documentation and the application.

For full details of the extenuating circumstances framework visit:

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

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If you are affected by Extenuating Circumstances during the Semester 2 examination period, you can complete your online application for Extenuating Circumstances and submit supporting documentation to the Science Office (Room E1.09).  The deadline date for submission of applications and supporting documentation is 24 May 2019 at 1pm.