One Minute Podcast Series: Choosing College Courses for CAO Applicants


Podcast 1: Getting Started with your CAO choices

Some tips for CAO applicants on choosing third level courses.

Podcast 2: Ordering your CAO Preferences

A short exercise to help you order your preferences on the CAO form for Level 7 and Level 8 courses.

Podcast 3: Alternative Entry Routes

A brief guide to on alternative entry routes to Level 8 degree courses.  

Podcast 4: Why choose broader entry courses at third level?

A short description of the advantages of a broader or common entry course.   

Additional Resources

Dr Orla Donoghue works in science outreach and communications at University College Dublin and delivers talks each year at Higher Options to thousands of students on working in science. Her 8 minute TEDxTallaght talk about why career choices don't have to be decisions for life is available on You Tube: