Digital Libraries Research Group

The Digital Libraries Research Group investigates underlying theory, current implementations and future developments of Digital Libraries. Our current research focuses on Virtual Research Environments:

The Virtual Research Environment, or VRE, is a set of online tools, technologies and resources that interoperate to support researchers as they explore and experiment, collaborate with one another and disseminate their findings. The Science Foundation Ireland-funded OJAX++ project  is investigating the implications of VREs for researchers in Ireland. Among other issues it is

Examining the implications of applying Web 2.0 technology to VREs,
Attempting to enable the interoperability of tools in a virtual environment,
Considering how to facilitate researcher collaboration
Evaluating the implications of VREs on scholarly communication
Exploring improvements in the usability of VREs.

Digital Libraries Research Group Staff

  • Dr. Judith Wusteman (Co-ordinator)

Research Collaborators in UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics

  • Dr Lorraine McGinty  
  • Jing Chen